Trauma Center: New Blood - 411 Review

The 411: "Trauma Center: New Blood is a fine addition to the Wii library and is a solid sequel to last year's Second Opinion. The gameplay mechanics works pretty well and the improved presentation gives it a more enjoyable flare. Could online co-op be far behind? Hopefully not as that would be the next logical step in a franchise that has a ton of potential. New Blood is a game you should definitely pick up whether you are a veteran doctor or the new kid on the block. Now go suture that wound!!!"

• Graphics: 7.5 - A stylized look reminiscent of the first game. Could really use some animations though.

• Gameplay: 8.0 - At times can be frustrating, but once you get your hands trained, you'll be performing surgery like a pro.

• Sound: 7.5 - Moody music that lends itself to the game's settings. Voice overs now included in the game.

• Lasting Appeal: 8.0 - Online leaderboards will give it extra legs while the difficulty will have you playing for a while.

• Fun Factor: 8.5 - Nothing like playing doctor with a friend. Vulgarities will likely spout from your mouth if your assistant is an idiot.

• Overall: 8.0 - Very Good

[ Reviewed by Ramon Aranda on 01.24.2008 ]

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