Why is League of Legends my daily affair? League of Legends is one big popular gorilla in the moba genre of games. And it doesn’t seem to be slowing down with its growing popularity and constant updates which inlude new heroes, skins, effects and improvements. Now recently releasing its 100th champion I ask myself…. how did League of Legends become a daily affair for me?

Several aspects occurred to me with the reasoning as to why I login daily to League of Legends. Lets start off with the obvious one and that being First Win of the day IP bonus. Influence Points are your currency in league for which you can buy champions, runes, and smaller or bigger add ons. It seems like I feel I need to get at least 1 win per day to feel satisfied

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Intentions2080d ago

Although I respect his opinion, but I have to say that LoL is really easy compared to Dota/Dota 2 and HoN.

Imo: In terms of easiest it goes LoL then HoN then Dota/Dota 2.

Although I prefer Dota over everything else, I still enjoy playing HoN and LoL.