Top 10 Sexiest Women In Video Game History

Platet Ivy lists their top 10 sexiest ladies of video games.

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h311rais3r2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

Yes let's all get a boner over non existent people whom are made of polygons and pixels.....


Actually it is false advertising. Peel away those textured clothing and you've got yourself a missing mesh. No nips for you. Playboy models may be fake but they aren't computer generated images. And Atleast models are real people....but I've never been into nude mags anyway. I prefer real unplasticized girls.

Funny how when gamers go all "why do we always have to sexualize women...etc" then they go and oogle over CGIs...

Human Analog2145d ago

They are just as fake and constructed as playboy models. At least it is NOT false advertising.

Army_of_Darkness2145d ago

I don't see the difference between a playboy chick vs. computer generated/ anime character at all... Cause for one thing, they are both ideal images and fantasies for us guys and the other thing is that You will never be able to access them in real life! Hahaha!

MAiKU2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

Ooohhh snaaaap. ^^^

And sorry hellraiser but most of what's underneath those clothes on the play boy models are fake too.

Pozzle2145d ago

Well the features of a cartoon/game character are generally based off real people and real characteristics, so it's only natural for people to fantasize about them or relate to them on some level. Nothing wrong with a bit of harmless fantasizing. As long as it doesn't become obsessive or weird.

Heck, people have been fantasizing about book characters for hundreds (maybe even thousands) of years...and they're just words on a page!

Elda2145d ago

Lightning is one pretty girl, but sexy?..... she doesn't have that curvasious body.

Human Analog2145d ago

Yeah... Like a dragstrip. Compare her to someone like Ivy from Soul Calibur. Thats what curves look like.

And the cosplayer is: Belle Chaire

stephmhishot2144d ago

different strokes for different folks as they say. I understand comments about weight usually only go in one direction when it comes to women, but I do think its unfair to make comments like "curvy/thick women are 'real' women".

Does that mean a thin chick is a fake woman? Sometimes you can't fight genetics. I love Lights and Alexz Johnson, and get crap from some friends who say they are too skinny to be considered hot. It's like well, that's your opinion.

Human Analog2144d ago

I agree. I think Milla Jovovich is sexy, but also find Jennifer Love Hewett, and Sofia Vagera Sexy. It is all about how the carry themselves. But I would never say Milla has "curves".... That is all I was trying to say when responding to BRISH just above me.

izumo_lee2145d ago

Ummm look it is cool & neat to have these Top 10 list but did we not have one of these just a few days ago?

Lightning is nice & all but all Final Fantasy female characters are regulated to 2nd place next to Tifa!

Even though i am an Aerith/Aeris fan myself i have to say Tifa IS & will be the hottest Final Fantasy character.

Hicken2145d ago

I always thought Tifa was overrated. Or overinflated, if you catch my drift. To me, sexiest would probably be Quistis, followed by Ashe, X-2 Rikku, Paine, CC Tifa, X-2 Yuna, X Rikku, Serah, Lightning, Rinoa, Selphie, Vanille, Yuffie, Aerith, VII Tifa, X Yuna, Penelo, and Garnet. Freya and Eiko at the end cuz, well..

Nobody pre-VII because I haven't finished any of those just yet.

izumo_lee2145d ago

Tifa's appearance in Advent Children is probably my favorite iteration of hers. A lot of fans i believe like her form cause it was the first time in a Final Fantasy game that we were able to see a character with that form.

Prior it was all pixels & SD versions but when FF 7 came out & we all saw Tifa it was like...WOW! Also her 'girl next door' characteristics appealed to many fans.

Like i said i am more an Aerith/Aeris fan but the appearance of Tifa changed how we saw female Final Fantasy characters from that point on.

*Though technically we did have 2 'naked' female characters. Terra in her Esper form (FF6) & Cloud of Darkness (main villian in FF 3).

Hicken2145d ago

Well, I was somewhat late to the FF craze. I'd already beaten VIII by the time I got to VII, so Tifa didn't really seem all that to me. Still, I can see why she'd be preferred by some. And yeah, her AC version was pretty cool.

Getowned2145d ago

Bayonetta as number 3? REALLY, I think Bayonetta looks weird lol just look at that picture..

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