Opinionation: Aliens: Colonial Marines To Feature Only Male Characters?

GG writes: Earlier this week an off-hand announcement came from Gearbox Software, the folks behind Aliens: Colonial Marines, the upcoming "spiritual sequel" video game based on James Cameron's tour de force of action-film-redefining incredibleness, Aliens - you know, the movie in which Sigourney Weaver's character Ellen Ripley goes from being out of her element and beset by anxiety to being one of the angriest BAMFs to ever grace the silver screen - wait, where was I?

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StarFox2145d ago ShowReplies(1)
Droid Control2145d ago

I want to play as a big busted blond woman that is actually super intelligent and a true rival for the men

TopDudeMan2145d ago

Big deal. Really. Get over it. Grow the hell up. It's the developer's decision to make. Hell, it probably wasn't even a decision. I doubt they even thought about it when they were making the game. Cut them some slack.

The last thing a developer needs when they're making a game is fans whining about the fact that you can't play as a woman. Want me to whine about how I can't play portal as a man? No. I don't care. I play the game the way the developer made it and enjoy it as it is. You people need to stop over-analysing everything and just have fun playing the game.

Grimhammer002145d ago

Playing devils advocate - a large part of aliens is the juxpostion of a female lead where a male chracter would normally be.

The alien films all use this to great effect. Even Prometheus.

Taking it out of the game isn't a big deal from a gaming perspective. But, an argument could be made that the developers don't understand the ip their working with as well as they should.

Aliens is more than bug-dogs in space. And creating a game without the female element - as it pertains to this franchise, seems I'll advised.

DasTier2145d ago

That's the point, this isnt an alien film. This is a game about the space marines, not ripleys interaction with them. Yes there was 1 woman space marine (I think) in aliens, but out of like 8 of them, either way all this pc bullshit of having on woman, one white person, one black person and an Asian in 4 player games is really pissing me off.

hazelamy2145d ago

but if they don't respect the ip, they don't deserve to be associated with it.

and just 1?
Vasquez, Ferro, and Deitrich.

and who was the only survivor in the end?
well at the end of that one there were 2 and a half people, but still, most of them were female, and the big tough guy space marine was asleep in the med bay while Ripley fought the huge arse alien queen.
oh and the half is bishop, what was left of him.

and yes, i agree, every game should feature straight white males exclusively.
unless of course it's a love interest, or some damsel in distress.

none of this diversity bullshit, who want's that anyway?

was my sarcasm too subtle there?

aliengmr2145d ago


While I'm not going to lose sleep over it, based on the franchise, its a fair request. No one is forcing them to change anything, just asking.

People really need to stop pretending devs are powerless. They can do whatever they want.

DasTier2145d ago

Im glad, dead island was ruined for me by only having 2 good characters, similarly we neve got to enjoy dead island 2 in 4 player coop as the last one to join never wanted to be rochelle.

Pozzle2145d ago

To be fair, a lot of the Rochelle hate wasn't because she was a girl. She was just a "meh" character compared to the others.

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