5 Games that Absolutely Need A Reboot/Remake - Nowadays, it seems like the trend in the video game industry is to make a reboot, re-release, or remake for just about everything. I’m not complaining about that at all either, I love playing old school games that I enjoyed as a child (or awkward teenager). Throw in the fact that they’re giving these nostalgic games some updated graphics, and sometimes an updated story, and I’m sold. So anyways, holding aside obvious titles like Final Fantasy, Starfox, and the like, here’s my current wishlist for reboots/remakes:

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DaThreats2018d ago

Legend of Dragoon
Belongs there

Yi-Long2018d ago

... I'd love to see a return of Turrican.

MWH2018d ago

now that's a gaming wish.

abzdine2018d ago

I'll add The Story of Thor and Soleil on Genesis, 2 greeeeeat games. Also A Link To The Past, obviously

elementum2018d ago

Pretty much any Rare game from the n64 days belongs on there.

Number 1 caught me by surprise

LOGICWINS2018d ago

Einhander for the PS1

Apocalypse for the PS1

The entire Crash Bandicoot franchise

abzdine2018d ago

The first three and CTR you mean ?

VinnieMac2018d ago

Apocalypse and Crash Bandicoot definitely could have made the list.

I was also thinking about TimeSplitters, but I think I'd rather see a sequel than a remake.

Relientk772018d ago

Legend of Dragoon
Comix Zone
Syphon Filter
Skies of Arcadia
Brave Fencer Musashi

MWH2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

poor list but i'll give it to you on Turok and Tenchu.

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The story is too old to be commented.