Tekken Tag Tournament 2 - The Art Of Combos

Check out the latest video for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 coming worldwide the week of September 10th.

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jc485732079d ago

wow, I guess Harada is aiming for the 99% perfection.

tarbis2079d ago

Not happy, no Jun Kazama combo =(

kingPoS2079d ago

pre ordered in full. I'm not going to pass this up.

I can give a Fu-"gentle caress" about snoop mutt being in it.
I'll buy it anyway Ahahahaha!

VTKC2079d ago

some of that looks complicated. In that video some of it looks like you are almost controlling both characters at once. How do you know who you are controlling and switch in the moment where they are both on screen and along side each other? I guess I will have to wait till this comes out to find out.