Tekken Tag Tournament 2 - Item Move Trailer

This Tekken Tag Tournament 2 trailer shows you how to customize your favorite characters in costumes and also some *special moves!

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tarbis2139d ago

Lol at Ganryu's ascension. XD

Kurt Russell2139d ago

I haven't played Tekken since Tekken 2... but I don't recall it being as querky as this.

phntom2139d ago

What the fuck? Day one!

izumo_lee2139d ago

What the heck did i just watch?! I really hope all these moves are only for 'practice' or this will be extremely unbalanced.

Also what's with all the beaten on Mokujin stuff....felt really bad for the poor guy...dude...ummm...thing.

HardcoreGamer2136d ago

the moves take 1 health off, some do no damage and some do a little more like 3 health, depending on they way its pulled off and how it can attack. to be honest, it never made tekken 6 unbalanced. and they are soo awesome. no one ever complained. offline. laughters, online you get, psn messages, wow man how did you do that.

my favourite one previous anna brings out a rocket launcher and shoots it, easy to dodge tho, but takes off like only 3 health, and theres like 100 health in tekken.

tekken is most balanced 3d fighter i have ever played, dont matter what character you pick, each has a fighting chance