Valkyria Chronicles 2 Review- AWESOME/10

Writing, to me, resembles many of the finer points of a strategy game. There’s an endless combination of ways to reach a single goal, and it’s your job to find the most entertaining and efficient. Descriptive, irreverent, experimental, professional; all equally suitable options available to differing tastes. The methodical selection of phrases, sentences, and diction can give way to fast paced stream of consciousness recounting. The journalistic battlefield is simultaneously sluggish and flighty, requiring practice, skill and the perfect use of precision f-bombs. This same description could also probably be applied to Valkyria Chronicles 2.

You can’t exactly condense Valkyria Chronicles 2 into a mere strategy game though. That’s the underlying genre, but it steals and blends genre conventions from everywhere. In order to more precisely give a quick idea of the game, it’s a TBS-RTS-TPS-RPG-VN. As you can see, it can’t exactly be summed up by genre. Give me a second to catch my breath and I’ll attempt to explain.

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