IGN Presents: The History of Halo

IGN writes: "Halo Killer" became part of the gaming lexicon, applied to any title that presumed to take the crown from the most successful first-person shooter of its time. Only one other franchise has arguably made that climb (that'd be Call of Duty). But nothing else can claim billions of online matches played, hundreds of accolades and awards, a highly successful multimedia empire, sales records shattered by more sales records, and a launch that single-handedly turned a two-horse console race into a three-way war. Halo was itself a game-changer, simultaneously putting new and untested hardware on the map while announcing the end of PC-shooter dominance with authority.

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WeskerChildReborned2202d ago

The Halo series has some of the best FPS games ever IMO.

StrongMan2201d ago

HAD some of the best bit times have changed. Its all about COD now. No aim down the sights just wont cut it anymore. The Halo formula is old and tired. That's why Bungie left and 343 is copying COD.

Hooby2201d ago



Silly troll.

Hufandpuf2201d ago

um, Counter Strike is doing just fine without ADS, thank you.

h311rais3r2201d ago

I think you are literally retarded. There is so much fail in EVERYTHING you just said

AIndoria2201d ago

Don't be another elitist snob.

green2201d ago

I love the Halo Universe and the story. I have bought every Halo game and enjoyed it. Some don't like Halo:ODST but I loved it. The story was great, you really did feel like a rookie and the soundtrack was amazing.

Halo is the only FPS I buy without question. The rest I really don't enjoy. Can't wait for Master Chiefs return in Halo 4.