Atari Web site ordering Report

As a Huge Racing fan I like to get hold of every racing game that comes out. Atari’s Test Drive Ferrari Racing Legends was the latest game which interested me so I decided to purchase the game directly from their web site as there was no clear date for it to be sold here in Australia. Even checking with local game stores didn’t help as they did not even have the game on their records. So I ordered the game which stated on their web site was released on the Tuesday the 3rd July ( date ordered was the 5th July) and everything at this point went smoothly. I recived a email stating to follow this link to get the download for the game.

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IaussieGamer2194d ago

A update to the article is that I finally got hold of a real person at Atari and they have confirmed the game Test Drive Ferrari Racing Legends will not be released until mid August. I informed them that they need to update the web site to show the correct date as its still saying release date the 3rd July and that they need to change the ordering system to let you know your only pre ordering the product which it currently does not.