Fund a Final Fantasy VI Album by Composers of Super Meat Boy, Mass Effect 2 & More writes:

"For almost a decade and a half, OverClocked ReMix has cultivated a community of musicians that have brought an incredible library of video game remixes to the masses. With your help, they can keep doing it for years to come.

It takes money to host the absurd amount of free content the site provides. Normally, an annual fundraiser is held to raise the money required to keep things going. This year, things are a little bit different.

It’s Kickstarter time again! But really, when isn’t it? By pledging your money, you’ll not only keep OverClocked ReMix’s behemoth of a site running, you’ll also fund their new arrange album, Final Fantasy VI: Balance and Ruin.

“But I thought OCRemix albums were free!” you protest. They still are. When the album releases, it will be available for everyone to download for no charge. But by donating, you can get a variety of rewards including an extremely limited physical printing of the album, early access to the first disc of the digital version, and download codes for some of the heavy hitters’ solo albums.

Heading up the project is Andrew “zircon” Aversa (SoulCalibur V) alongside game remixing veteran Mike “McVaffe” Vafeas. They already have an all-star lineup of artists including Danny Baranowsky (Super Meat Boy), Jake “virt” Kaufman (Contra 4), and Jimmy “Big Giant Circles” Hinson (Mass Effect 2) to name a few."

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