Leaked Mass Effect 3 “Earth” Multiplayer DLC Details

MP1st - "Earlier today, BioWare announced yet another multiplayer DLC for Mass Effect 3 simply titled ‘Earth’. No details were announced other than it would, once again, be free and will drop on the 17th of July (at least on the Xbox 360)."

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FrightfulActions2050d ago

Damn some of those classes sound really fun. I hope I get to play them sooner rather than later, I still haven't been able to play Vorcha or Batarian since you have to unlock them via lucky wins on packages. It'll probably take a lot of credits to unlock the ones Im looking to try out. Sigh.

vickers5002050d ago

I think I read about a week ago that they increased the chances of getting the new stuff from the reinforcement packs, like if you had all character customization options unlocked for a certain character, you would stop seeing them.

zeal0us2050d ago

Heard Bioware also adding Platinum Difficulty also.

A few things got me wondering

The soldier got a missile launcher skill. I'm guess more like stronger version of Concussion shot than the missiles fire from the Cobra.

N7 Paladin(sentinel) seem more like human engineer without a combat drone than an sentinel, seeing as it don't have any biotic skills.

Will the slayer(vanguard) and shadow(infiltrator)be able to use a gun along with using the sword or only can use one at a time?

Will I able to use a large weapon like a snipe rifle, Revant or etc along with the Omni-shield?

Blacktric2050d ago

I think sword is only used as a melee attack instead of a primary weapon. Or maybe with a specific skill like those plasma whips.

SageHonor2050d ago

The next trailer should be interesting.

WeskerChildReborned2050d ago

Yea, i'm looking forward to see what it will be like.

TronEOL2050d ago

Wow, those characters look and sound amazing. I'll hopefully earn them sooner than later, as since this last pack, I haven't been able to earn the new characters as easy.

I don't even just want to choose one to try since they all look amazing. BUT, I'll probably be 'maining' the Engineer.

Can't wait until next tuesday.

kent800820072050d ago

Dark channel + throw, non stop biotic detonation? SWEET! Though I'm guessing it has extremely low shield and health...

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