Project Sora is No More

Kid Icarus Uprising developer Project Sora has been dissolved. Access the company's webpage, and you'll now see a message noting that the studio was closed as of June 30. The website will close on July 31.

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jc485732200d ago

didn't they say that this was supposed to be the only game?

Abash2200d ago

Well a Kid Icarus: Uprising sequel is now even more unlikely :(

victorGma212200d ago

Project Sora was just the codename for the game.

I wonder why they are doing it if the game was successful.

Lavalamp2200d ago

Project Iwata seemed to have had other plans for the team, hinting at putting them on the Smash Bros project.

chrispen92200d ago (Edited 2200d ago )

I am very disappointed in Nintendo right now.

live2play2200d ago

sora ltd is still going strong

project sora was made to work on kid icarus

but the game is out now...
do i need to explain further?

UnitSmiley2200d ago

Damn, Kid Icarus was really well made, I even played a few multiplayer matches today. It's a shame I was hoping for more of the great quality.

AWBrawler2200d ago

it's still Sukarai's game. These aren't the same mario or zelda teams, but we get more of those

modesign2200d ago

nintendo is bellying up faster than sony, the wiiu will just barely make or horrifically break nintendo.

Hicken2200d ago

... what the hell are you talking about?

DrRobotnik2200d ago

......Just smile and nod.

live2play2200d ago

sora ltd is still in existence...

project sora was made SPECIFICALLY for kid icarus uprising
the game is finished so....

yabhero2199d ago

Please tell that to the 15 billion they have in the bank... Enough to take huge losses like last years for 30+ years.


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