Mizuguchi Talks Rez HD

Tetsuya Mizuguchi is one of the game industry's original mavericks. A star game designer at Sega, he made waves in 2003 when he quit his job -- almost unheard of in Japan -- to form his own production company, Q Entertainment.

In the ensuing years, several other big-name Japanese game makers, most notably Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi and Street Fighter II director Yoshiki Okamoto, have followed suit, filling Japan's game industry with a pool of independent development talent that had never before existed there.

For his latest project, Mizuguchi went back to the well, licensing a game of his own creation, Rez, back from Sega. He has updated the cult hit game -- a blend of entrancing techno music, trippy laser-light graphics, and addictive shooter action -- for Xbox Live Arcade; it will release next Wednesday, the 30th.

Wired spoke with Mizuguchi earlier today about what he calls his "life's work."

-- Words: Chris Kohler, January 23, 2008

Contributor's Notes: Interview topics include Rez HD and its development, the original Rez on Dreamcast and PS2, Rez HD on PS3, Mizuguchi's opinions of Wii and Nintendo, and Space Channel 5 HD.

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wiizy3774d ago

it would do him alot better to release some original games on the wii