Wii U Online: The Critical Core Feature

GenGAME writes: "Wii U is taking plenty of steps to draw in the core gaming audience, one of which is revamping their online experience. Nintendo has never been known about it’s online services, Nintendo Wi-Fi connection has never been too kind to players. With long pre-set friend codes, the system never favored social play online, instead opting for an isolated, sterilized experience.

"Nintendo has made progress from the DS (where WFC launched) to Nintendo Network on 3DS, but the question is: can Nintendo draw the core from established systems like Xbox Live and PlayStation Network? Or will the dominance of the incumbents prevent a new service from stealing the limelight?"

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NonSpecificActionFig2017d ago

The issues it must solve to be succesfull:

1.Friend Codes must be like user names and not 12 digit numbers.

2.Voice chat during gameplay. We know it has Video/Voice chat capabilities already but it needs to at least have chat during gameplay.

3.Option to stay connected 24/7. The Wii did have this option,but it was poorly used. The Wii-U must make use of this feature and make it worth having.

4.Social integration. Things like a Facebook & Twitter apps on the home menu will help make the console the go to thing in the living room. The hardcore may not need this but the casuals do.

5.Friend list that shows user names/status/game being played/achievements/chat options etc.

6.Miiverse intergration with 3DS and cell phones must not take a long time to happen. Again, we know its coming, but this is something that needs to be ready in a timely fashion....not show up a year later.

7.E-Shop games: there must be games worth getting from day one on the service. Also this service can not be ignored like Wiiware was. This is something that must be continuously updated. DLC/Downloadable games/Patches/Apps etc.

scottd2017d ago

I agree completely. Sadly Nintendo already stated that they see no need for Facebook, twitter or any other social media inclusion. I think they see there miiverse as the social hub and want there audience kept in that social world. If they change there mind later then great but Im not holding my breath.