Primal Carnage could very well be the best dino MP game to date, Beta Phase Starts Soon

DSOGaming writes: "We’ve been following Primal Carnage and we are really excited about it as it could be the best Multiplayer dino game to date."

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Hellsvacancy2200d ago

It looked whack, so is this why PC gaming is better? you can keep this game

There must be other modes other then deathmatch as what was shown, i was expecting to be creeping through the jungle, not playing Unreal Tournament: In The Jungle

zeal0us2200d ago

Here I was think this was some kind of spiritual successor to Primal Rage. Boy I was wrong.

PockyKing2200d ago

Why can't some developer make a good dino hunting game? I mean, the developers here have awesome character models for the dinosaurs! Why not make a hunting game out of it? I've been waiting years for a current gen carnivores. Instead we keep getting these clunky multiplayer games. How many have there been now? Dino DDay, Orion: Dino Beatdown, prob others I'm missing.