Silent Hill HD Collection patch for PS3 arrives tomorrow

Rely on Horror: The long awaited Silent Hill HD Collection patch hits Playstation Network tomorrow. No word on the previously announced Xbox version of the patch, but I guess we'll find out soon.

Announced on the Silent Hill Community forum, Konami producer Tomm Hulett announced that the patch will be available tomorrow and fix several issues.

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MasterChief36242174d ago

We'll see how much this patch actually helps, but I got so frustrated with the PS3 version of the game that I traded it for the Xbox 360 version. Xbox 360 version doesn't seem to have any problems, but I could be jaded since the PS3 version is so screwed-up.

That framerate on Silent Hill 2 was horrendous, and the slowdown in Silent Hill 3 was equally abhorrent.

Gaming1012174d ago

I know right, I mean how hard must it be to come up with a decent HD remake? The God of War 1 and 2 remakes took 2 weeks! This is inexcusable, even if the team who did this is a beginner team with no experience, it doesn't matter, you don't mistreat a series like this by releasing garbage like this, I mean the Silent Hill franchise has had a rough time of it quality wise over the last several years, they really haven't done anything as good as Silent Hill 2 when it came out, well, ever lol
Come on Konami, you need to step it up and realize what made you successful in the first place!

MasterChief36242174d ago

Agreed :)

Speaking of agrees, why so many disagrees? :(

*prepares for five more on this comment*

Gaming1012173d ago

Honestly who cares if the trolls of the internet disagree with you - they just need to get laid, and are taking their frustrations out anonymously like cowards hiding behind their keyboards, trolling around with absolutely nothing better to do - like go outside or do anything physical.

CernaML2174d ago

Holy sweet mother of God, THEY ARE JUST NOW GETTING TO THIS?!?!?!

Konami is officially the most incompetent publisher this gen.

Such a shame, they were my most favorite last gen.

SeraphimBlade2174d ago

So they could have fixed this sooner and it would have been really easy? Tell me how much you know about coding AAA games, I'm intrigued.

neoMAXMLC2174d ago

Uhhh... Polishing up a couple of remakes of PS2 games for much more powerful hardware shouldn't have been hard at all. But when you have both games running like they were on PS2 emulators on Walmart PCs, then something is seriously wrong. Framerate literally halves, controls are affected and even the sound gets screwed up from the slowdown. You should really have tried this collection beforr posting so you know what you are talking about next time

Army_of_Darkness2174d ago (Edited 2174d ago )

They need to patch up a damn PS2 HD Remake for crying out loud!?!?! how retarded can they get?!
That is just sad and pathetic!! an HD remake shouldnt be anything but better than the original in every way.

floetry1012174d ago

Blame Konami for this gaff. The code they provided for the remake was actually a Beta version of both titles. Hence why there are a mutitude of performance issues.

jeeves862174d ago ShowReplies(3)
SeraphimBlade2174d ago

So, I think I'm going to just hold off buying major games for five months after they release, so that they're actually good when I buy them. Not that I'm not grateful for developers fixing this kind of thing, whether its texture issues or crappy endings.

Still though, what the heck is going on this year?

dazzrazz2174d ago

Still no major info about Downpour patch

neoMAXMLC2174d ago

So they finally decided to fix these issues that should never have been in the game a whole four months later? Jim Sterling was right. Konami is an absolute mess this past year.

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