OXCGN’s Magic The Gathering: Duels of The Planeswalkers 2013 Review


"At its core the game is a strategy game but there’s a lot of luck involved too.

Some might argue that a good player will be able to take the cards they are dealt and win with them; well, I’m not a good player so this doesn’t apply to me."

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gaminoz2175d ago

I guess the name would have sold it, but it's good that there is still a proper game to go with it...

Proeliator2175d ago

Magic has really taken off over the past few years.

TheMrFraz2175d ago

Not ever getting into Magic is one of the larger regrets of my life.

Eske2175d ago

On the bright side, you probably saved yourself quite a bit of cash.

TheMrFraz2175d ago

No doubt there, bud. No doubt there.

Belgavion2175d ago

Try as I might, I don't have the patience to try and understand these games