Gamesradar: NCAA Football 13 review

Therein lies the beauty of NCAA Football 13. The development team at EA Tiburon has picked a great mix of players that gives each one its own tone and feel. To be honest, anybody can win the Heisman as one of the great running backs – Archie Griffin or Herschel Walker will destroy everyone in their path – but the different QB’s each present interesting scenarios. Charlie Ward’s strengths are much different than, say, Doug Flutie’s, and you’ll have to play differently as each to win the Heisman. Desmond Howard may be the most interesting of the bunch, because you’ve got the least influence getting him the ball – you only control your player during the game, although you can modify a number of plays that get called – and the fewest opportunities for big gainers. Add in the wild card of placing them on any team and you’ve got a recipe for a great time.

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