OUYA: The Future of Gaming?

Now this is how to do a Kickstarter. Today’s craze on Kickstarter is OUYA, a new game console for the TV — and it’s powered by Android. Oh, and it met its $950 thousand goal in less than 24 hours.

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ZoyosJD2016d ago

I see its "advantage" as its downfall. Hackability will lead to unbalance MP and no dev profit or sharing behind the back of whoever needs to make the consoles. That along with a $99 entry price for $500 in hardware is sure to lead to failure as there is only money to be lost.

32froshes2016d ago

I have no idea how they plan to make a profit off this when they're selling it so cheap. However, it's not an Xbox and it's probably not getting Call of Duty. I imagine the sorts of games people will want to play on the Ouya console will be indie games and things like that. Think Super Meat Boy, Minecraft, Fez, etc. rather than CoD. In that case, the moddability isn't as big a detriment as you think it could be.

ZoyosJD2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

WTF is with the disagrees.

Pay $99 for more expensive hardeware...maker looses money

games that I am supposed to be paying for...hacked

annnoying pop up ads...hacked


companies using system notice no revenue...system is dropped

company selling the console looses millions


By MP I was thinking co-op and leaderboards anyways...also hacked

If you think there will be any other outcome with a mass market and an easily hackable system, with that power, and that price your kidding yourself.

Hell, I'd buy one so I can sell the parts for

Also the average consumer would never buy enough $1 games to make up the price difference.

"I have no idea how they plan to make a profit off this when they're selling it so cheap."

Come back when you have a reasonable anwser for that.

joab7772016d ago

It's brilliant and it's only the beginning. It will most likely make money through advertising etc. But, it's open for everyone. At the very least, it will force the big boys to make better decisions.

Riggans422016d ago

Shoulda named this thing Indiebox. It's going to be amazing for smaller devs. Can't wait.

WeskerChildReborned2016d ago

Yep, it will give indie developers more and also be hackable so people can probably make mods and share. Now that would be awesome.

ConstipatedGorilla2016d ago

I'm about to contribute $99. I'm very interested in this.

32froshes2016d ago

I already donated $130. I'm getting two controllers.

ConstipatedGorilla2016d ago

I just did too lol $129. I'm excited for this. It sounds like a great idea.

jack who2016d ago

sure if u love playin silly flash games

WeskerChildReborned2016d ago

I'm really hoping they come out with good games, i mean i saw Minecraft on there so i'm hoping it will be included free.

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