Hands-On With Halo 4's Multiplayer: Change Can Be A Very Good Thing | WGTC

Chaz from We Got This Covered wrote:

"I’m not the world’s largest Halo fan. There, I said it. In fact, I haven’t played any of the series since Halo 3, and even then I don’t think I finished the campaign. I completely understand why it commands such a large fan following, but it’s never been able to hook me completely. It’s always been a game for other people to enjoy as far as I was concerned. However, after a brief hands-on with Halo 4, I can honestly say I’m excited for a new Halo game for the first time, well, ever."

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joab7772174d ago

I'm not a huge fps or halo fan bit for some reason, I am excited for this one. I think it's because I loved the first one & for the 1st x I a long time, a new story is beginning. Also, the online looks to be fresh and unique.