Ripten: Turning Point: Fall of Liberty Demo Impressions

Dylan Duarte of Ripten writes: Turning Point: Fall of Liberty does a lot of things right, but misses the mark where it counts.

The atmosphere and feeling here is great, but it's ruined by some pretty terrible graphics. The screenshots for the game didn't look that bad, but in action everything looks very unimpressive, such as the awful textures. The character animations also look very stiff and unrealistic, for the most part.

However, those previous gripes are small potatoes when compared to the game's absolutely atrocious shooting. Enemies show no signs of flinching or anything while being shot and it isn't until you see the death animation that you know you've been making any progress. The AI is decent. Some enemies will run at you and make no attempt to hide, but plenty will run for cover and some will even blind fire.

There is definite potential here, but it's completely buried underneath the poor graphics and flawed shooting.

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Jamegohanssj53685d ago

I've lost interest in this because I can't play as the Nazi's. Thanks for ruining everything whoever made this game.

Madbrain3685d ago

I would definitely buy it if I was able to control a Nazi SS...

TheHater3685d ago

This game just completely drop off the radar and then suddenly just pops up back again expecting gamers to be excited about it then many other great games are coming. No thanks, I will just pass on this one. But I do like the art style of this game

Zip3685d ago

At first, the script sounded awsome!! but ... they didnt manage to pull it off

THAMMER13685d ago

They should have never put it out.

dantesparda3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

This game is pretty bad

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