Xbox boss: Halo 4 will work with Surface tablet

When Microsoft first announced its Surface tablet, many wondered how it might work with games for the Xbox 360 (or any future Xbox console). Microsoft’s president for interactive entertainment business a morsel of insight about this today.

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jamezrp1930d ago

I find this hard to believe...Halo 4 on Surface? It won't be the same, but hell, I'd like to see it.

BattleTorn1930d ago

Note: "work with" not on,

It'll probably be a App, something similar to viewing you Battlelog from an iPad.

I'd sure be impressed if they actually got gameplay features on the Surface - like HUD, Map, or in-game content otherwise on-screen.

Dlacy13g1929d ago

@BattleTorn = 100% will work "with". Did everyone just suddenly forget about the Smart Glass innovation? Ofcourse the surface tablets will work with Halo 4.

SixZeroFour1929d ago

or halo waypoints "atlas" that worked in real time with halo reach

Gridloc1930d ago

Work with? So a thousand bucks to play with your profile?

JBSleek1930d ago

The ignorance is strong in this one.

Gridloc1930d ago

Yeah and your the smart one...

ALLWRONG1930d ago

Gridloc is just doing damage control. When Sony decides to copy it Gridloc will be all like "best thing ever" and then claim they been working on it since 1972.

Mkai281930d ago

Simply put, the surface tablet would work in let's say multiplayer where you have the perk where you see through walls, hold the tablet up to the screen( via wiiu) and boom instant waste of time x-ray. They could use it for a whole view of a map in multiplayer. But te only time you would look at it if you died and waiting to respond or just plain camping.

SkyGamer1930d ago

My windows 8 tablet cost me same price as an ipad. Went with the Kingston 64 gb ssd mini.

AMD Zeo Dual Core
ATI Radeon HD6330
64gb SSD Kingston
N Wifi
4 point Simultaneous touch
Windows 8 x64
Dual Webcams

IWentBrokeForGaming1930d ago

These companies are smart using a big name to push something into your home... and then leave the support for that thing... no where to be found. So you're left with a deadbeat device!

cstyle1930d ago

lol..they don't need Halo 4 to sell surface. Its not targeted at gamers anyway. The thing will sell well but having Halo 4 work with it is just an added bonus.

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The story is too old to be commented.