Namco Uncertain if Tekken Belongs in Smash Bros.

That some quantity of Namco Bandai characters will end up in the next Smash Bros. entries seems almost a certainty now that the company is developing the games with Nintendo's Masahiro Sakurai. The question is which ones?

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StarFox2082d ago

As both a Tekken fan and a SSB fan, i do not approve of tekken appearing in SSB it just seems very awkward and out of place. i felt the same way when Snake was is SSBB.

zeal0us2082d ago (Edited 2082d ago )

I can see some Tekken characters probably fitting in.

-Gon the tiny dinosaur from Tekken 3
Fighting style probably similar to Yoshi.
probably a heavy hitting slow character like Donkey Kong
-Mokujin the wooden dummy.
probably would be a copy-cat fighter like Kirby

None of the ones listed are human characters from Tekken.
Regardless I still have a hard time seeing these characters fitting.

Afterlife2082d ago

I heard that NB doesn't own Gon. Gon is from some manga. I don't even want him in Tag 2 like some people are requesting.

I can see Klonoa being in the game.

MasterCornholio2082d ago

Well Heihachi is in all stars so I don't see why the say this.


omarzy2082d ago

Lars is who i want n the next smash bros, but i would prefer some tales characters.

Gekko2082d ago

I'm don't they do either since Smash Bros is a series of games with Nintendo characters fighting each other. Bringing characters to a series that has nothing to do with Nintendo doesn't make much sense.

Pacman on the other hand would be perfect since he was on a Nintendo console and seems to fit in.