CES 2008: Exclusive Frag Dolls Video Interview

"At CES 2008, G4 was lucky enough to get the chance to talk with professional gaming's resident goddesses, The Frag Dolls. The girls were there repping for Seagate and Dell, and they were kind enough to take a break from kicking everyone's ass at Rainbow Six: Vegas to chat about CES, their favorite games, and pillows. The girls are hot and they enjoy playing video games... so do you need any more reason to watch?"

-- by jpaulding on Wednesday, January 23, 2008

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roybatty3773d ago

Some of them are ok, but goddesses? Dolls? GTFOH!
I would own any of them in quake3 then wipe my c0ck on their curtains.

HardcoreGamer3773d ago

fragging or not, when it comes down to gaming i would love to frag mischeif and then we talk and then we make up and then we go out and then we get married and then just game alll Fuc.......

i was only influenced to write this messge because of the first post lol