Wanted PS4 features will come at a price

With no sign of any announcement of the PS4 this year (even at GamesCom) this still does not stop the speculation as to what is wanted in the way of features. Having looked at so many of the features that fans hope to see implemented on the next-gen PlayStation we have to warn that they will come at a price

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Zuperman2052d ago

i'll give up my Zuperman powers to have my hands on a PS4

decrypt2051d ago (Edited 2051d ago )

Lol 600usd, could easily get a PC that does 1080p and 60fps for that price. Plays all old games, and is ready to be upgraded in the future.

For a locked down platform(no BC, no upgrade options, low end PC hardware), I think PS4 should launch at 350 - 400usd max.


First the gpu wont be powerful, it will be a low to mid range PC gpu.

Second, its not a 6 year investment. Its proven this gen the console will fail after 3-4 years of use. Hence your 6 year investment will probably be about 1000usd.

Lastly they dont squeeze console hardware any better than the PC hardware. How do they manage to make a console last the gen, well they compromise on RES, AA, FPS, AF etc. Anytime they want to upgrade the graphics some of the above gets compromised so the consoles can keep up.

wishingW3L2051d ago

I payed it just for the blu-ray because we all know that the PS3 and Xbox are more or less equal in power but if this time around the PS4 comes with the hardware to back it up (one powerful GPU) then I would pay $600 again.

I mean, this is an investment for 6 years minimum! And unlike the PC developers do squeeze every drop out of the consoles hardware.

givemeshelter2051d ago

You would pay $600 for the PS4, however the majority of consumers will not.

NastyLeftHook02052d ago

i'll pay 3 to 5 thousand dollars.

JBSleek2051d ago

This is the catch 22 among console gamers.

There is a need for cutting edge technology and innovation on the hardware side to push out 1080p @ 60fps but there isn't a willingness to pay over, let's say $500.

Now it has nothing to do with the economy because as we see $500-$600+ tablets are sold at record pace, it's all about perception.

A console worth $600 that won't be replaced for at the minumum 5 years is a great investment actually. As we buy new expensive phones every 2 years for the price of $200-$300 on contract.

I'm personally not willing to pay $600 for a gaming console but many are but the consumers aren't and as much as "hardcore" gamers think they are the entitled ones it is those "casual" gamers and media device people who buy these as well.

dcbronco2051d ago

Next generation consoles won't be nearly as expensive to make as people think. The most expensive parts are usually the CPU and GPU. They are expensive because of R & D but also because of the die size. In the past the dies were large. That has changed during the current generation. By the time the next Xbox and PS4 release die sizes will be 28 or 22nm. Those sizes mean a lot more chips per wafer which is the main cost reduction in consoles. Several times the number per wafer you got from the launch versions this generation.

The other thing that will keep cost down is the new consoles will probably all be using SoCs. Current gen console, except the 360, use two different chips. So they use twice the wafers. Everything on one die cuts cost of the chips nearly in half. So instead of having a $120 GPU and a $140 CPU in a launch console, you'll have a $140 SoC. You've already cut cost by $120.

The launch cost of the 360 was estimated at $526. Start with a SoC and that cost would have been less than $400. Add three die shrinks and that cost is under $200 with all other cost remaining the same. Next generation consoles will be manufactured for less than $300. $350 if they really get crazy. It may still cost $400, but the MS leak had a target price of $300. And that was with a six times increase in power. That was also an old document and there have been a few advances that will increase that power while keeping the price that low.

I would not be surprised to see a $300 launch price on both. And $250 on the Wii U.

Jtech19832051d ago

There are games now on ps3 that will do 1080p at 60fps Gt5 dose it plus more.

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