Ten Minute Mode | Episode 3 – How Important are Soundtracks?

"Welcome to Ten Minute Mode, a weekly web discussion series exclusive to Gamer Nation.

This week, Liam, David and Phil ask, how important are soundtracks?

If you want us to discuss something specific in a future episode, why not leave a question in the comment section below? We value all feedback, and look froward to hearing from you!"

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Son_Lee2021d ago

Let's put it this way:

Half the reason FF games of years past were so good were because of the music. Music triggers nostalgia unlike any other device. That's one of the reasons FF isn't where it used to be - the music, while good, is not nearly as memorable as it used to be.

Music is imperative for immersion and atmosphere. It makes normal moments epic, and calm moments sad. It can literally be the difference between a good game and an amazing game.

DeadSpaced2021d ago

Whether or not you realize it, the soundtrack in a game is crucial. Just like all other aspects of any game, it sets the mood and adds to the overall effect.

It's not everything, but it's important enough that great gameplay is only considered good without a soundtrack to match.