Next Skyrim DLC: Morrowind and Dwemer

Product-Reviews writes: Skyrim DLC 2 and heading to Morrowind – a growing number of Skyrim fans would love to head to Morrowind as a future Skyrim DLC, and most of us have seen the roads leading in that direction. If this did happen should it include some more insight into the Dwemer history and cities, although some gamers feel the Dwemer could come back if they never really disappeared years ago? This is one possibility that has been debated before, and it seems that some fans just can’t accept the story that the Dwemer disappeared. There are some clues within Skyrim worth looking at, which includes Sinderion’s remains in Blackreach.

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danswayuk2081d ago

We got to move to Morrowind in Skyrim DLC 2, and make it much bigger.

Sanquine902081d ago

Morrowind expansion! And Elder scrolls VI Summerset isles : I want to kick some elven but

VanillaBear2080d ago (Edited 2080d ago )

I'd rather them do Valenwood for Elder Scrolls VI and join the map onto Elsweyr

Maybe some conflict between the Woodelfs and Khajiit still after the Five Year War they had.

It would be a good fit because the two places are very differen't and would show a slow transistion from Valdenwood...a huge woodland/rainforest map to a dry, swampish and maybe even dessert setting in Elsweyr .

Be nice aswell to see a bit of variation and culture when exploring in the next game.

I really hope they include two maps this time. I'm guessing since the next ES will be on next gen they can do two maps at once to make an even bigger map since the places remaining we havent been to yet arn't that big.

Kennytaur2080d ago

A dessert-land would be awesome, with chocolate rivers and ice-cream mountains!

Sorry, couldn't resist.... :-P

SlapHappyJesus2081d ago

I'd rather just play Morrowind, personally.

SlapHappyJesus2081d ago

You cared enough to reply. So that's something.

Thanks for the input though.

RankFTW2081d ago

Bitter person with PC not good enough to run Morrowind.

MAJ0R2081d ago

I care enough to say that Morrowind is probably better than the causalized/dumbed down/whatever you want to call it game that is Skyrim.

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Mainsqueeze2081d ago

Morrowind in the time of skyrim is way different than it was in ES3 Morrowind any ways. I mean i would like to see what Morrowind looks like now adays after Red mountain erupted and made the whole province nearly inhospitable.

Zha1tan2080d ago (Edited 2080d ago )

lol id love to have it explained how skyrim is casualised when all they did was take out things nobody used or that were dead end roundabouts such as spell making.

And for half the things they took out there is now mods for it and if you are not playing skyrim on PC and you are complaining about Skyrim not being Morrowind then I have no kind words for you.

"wahh they took out something I never used so the game is dumbed down"

pls go

Irishguy952080d ago (Edited 2080d ago )

It was turned into an action adventure game.(some people need to learn what an adventure game is though, some people think uncharted is one)

They shoulda made better combat if they were going to make it the main focus this time around. The quests literally revolve around fighting your way through repetitive dungeons or shitty repetitive dragons.

Zha1tan2080d ago (Edited 2080d ago )

The dungeons probably would tend to get a tad repetative since there is over 100...And yes the dragon encounters get a little annoying but yet again there is a mod that fixes that and makes them spawn less often. Everything can be rectified on the PC and I cant understand all the hate for bethseda when they give us fantastic mod tools yet there is all the love for BF3 when they strip us of that feature to nickel and dime us.

There are more interesting dungeons that have been modded in and I fail to see how it was transformed into an action game when the combat was unchanged except for executions, the interface was streamlined to make it more navigatable after people complained about the Oblivion interface being far to clustered.

It seems like Bethseda just cant win with their "fans".

It really is a case of trying desperately to find something menial to hate about Skyrim just because it is popular when in the first month it was out everyone could not shut up about how awesome it was.

WeskerChildReborned2081d ago

Yea, i hope they are gonna be making a huge expansion within this year or next.

danswayuk2081d ago

"huge expansion" just what I am thinking.

12345bnm2081d ago

Did anybody else feel a bit sad when you found Sinderion?. I did.

Dovahkiin2081d ago

Of course, I'd love to play Oblivion again just to say hello.

DarkBlood2081d ago

heard he use to have the good shit :P lol

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