Seth Killian: PlayStation All-Stars can be a competitive fighter, but fun for everyone is priority

Sony Santa Monica lead designer Seth Killian thinks that PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale has what it takes to succeed as a competitive fighting game, while also appealing to the masses.

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Dread2199d ago

in other words it will not be balanced correctly.

8bitHero2199d ago

you know what will make it fun? having prinny as a playable character, thats fun. DO IT NAOO

BitbyDeath2199d ago (Edited 2199d ago )

More game modes and heaps of unlockables would make it fun... (characters, costumes, stages etc)

omarzy2199d ago

What competitive aspects does this game have besides dodging?
I can't play competitively with friends if the actual game has no strategical mechanics. I want to have sweaty palms, and get to finally exhale after a game like i can do with smash bros.

goflyakite2199d ago

Combo's, blocking, dodging, meters? It's depends what your criteria is for "competitive" because PSASBR is at the very least as competitive as Smash.

omarzy2199d ago (Edited 2199d ago )

hmmm well it may be somewhat competitive, but i must disagree with you saying it will be as competitive as smash. With fight mechanics like short hops,fast falls, shield reflecting, edge hogging, side stepping, air dodging, chain grabs, using the A button for 12 moves and the B button for 5 moves, then melee makes it even more competitive with skills like wave dashing and L cancelling. This game does not seem to have any special competitive aspects. My question may have sounded somewhat hostile, but it was an honest question since they have neither shown any stand out competitive in game mechanics no talked about them in any way. If someone has some answer then i would like to know.

capjacksparrow2199d ago

Or you could just wait to play it before you judge. Sounds like a typical Nintendo fanboy xD

smashcrashbash2199d ago (Edited 2199d ago )

Can we have a PASBR articles without mentioning SSB for once? Or is that too much to ask?

@ goflyakite. Don't even bother. Sense is the bane of N4G.

Hicken2199d ago

Nothing brings out the trolls like a Sony article.

I don't really care how competitive the game is.. I think. I don't play fighters to compete. Well, except BlazBlue. I'll take anybody on in BB.

But that doesn't mean I don't recognize how this game can be competitive. After all, you can turn ANYTHING into a competition. And from what I've seen, the game has more depth than just pressing buttons and knocking somebody out of the ring.

Anyway, I wish people would stop judging the game before they've even got their hands on it. But they won't.

doogiebear2199d ago (Edited 2199d ago )

@ smashcrashbash:

Question: Would there have ever been a PASBR if there never was a SSB?


smashcrashbash2199d ago

Would there ever be a SSB without the games in the same genre that came before it? No.So what's your point? Off topic is still off topic.Not sure why you are jumping to defend it.If I jumped in an article and claimed that there probably would be no Kinect without the PSEYE or any Forza without GT5 I would have gotten a hundred disagrees and be one bubble short. So again, what's your point?

BrutallyBlunt2199d ago

"Nothing brings out the trolls like a Sony article. "

That's interesting.

Perhaps you can explain to everyone why you were in those two topics? Do you show any signs of interest for those two games? No.

I keep telling you but it keeps falling on deaf ears, don't accuse others for stuff you do often. If you're here to talk about All-Stars, talk about it. Instead you keep putting yourself smack dab in the middle of confrontation thinking everyone else is the problem but you.

All-Stars looks like a lot of fun but if it's a $60 title then no thanks. I will definitely buy it if it's a PSN game.

UnitSmiley2199d ago

Games lookin great, just needs some jrpg characters xD