Star Wars 1313's Creative Director Talks Criminals and the Franchise's Gritty New Direction

Forbes- "We don’t know much about LucasArts’ upcoming title “Star Wars 1313,” but the little we saw at E3 had the whole gaming community excited for a trip back into the Star Wars universe. The new game is being developed by a team drawn from both LucasArts games and Industrial Light and Magic, and promises to give us a more morally complicated world than the Jedi/Sith, Blue/Red moral dichotomy we’re used to. We talked a moment with Creative Director Dominic Robillard about this new direction for the beloved franchise."

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aliengmr2174d ago

Well Star Wars has been moving away the "Blue/Red moral dichotomy" for a while now. The prequels all but turn the Jedi into the bad guys.

As for the article, it seems nothing new was really said at all.