Game-Modo: The Walking Dead Episode 2: Starved for Help - PC Review

Just like The Walking Dead Episode 1, It's still very colourful and uses those colours perfectly. The game can use it's visuals to set atmosphere like few others because it doesn't always look dark, grey and dingy and I wish more games looked like this.
The game also doesn't sound too different but it is a bit clearer. I didn't notice any foreign languages cut in this time either which is always a plus.
The one thing that has changed is how the game runs and feels. It is a lot smoother, I didn't notice any jumps at all this time, even in the action-heavy sequences.
All in all the game runs better, sounds better and looks identical to the first episode which are all massive positives.

Now onto the meat of this game: Story; choices and characters. Be warned, some non-key spoilers ahead.

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