Over 20 Million Nintendo Wii's Sold World Wide; Nintendo Fourth Quarter Earnings Report

DS hardware at 64.79 million worldwide LTD (compare with GBA at 80.72 million)
20.18 million in North/South America
21.66 million in Japan
22.94 million elsewhere

Wii hardware at 20.13 million worldwide LTD (compare with NGC at 21.72 million)
8.85 million in North/South America
4.99 million in Japan
6.30 million elsewhere

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BLaZiN PRopHeT3804d ago

Nintendo made 2.4 billion dollars in the 9 months of this fiscal year thats crazy

Bathyj3804d ago

Congratulations I guess. Its just a shame you can count the amount of good games for it on one hand.

mullet3804d ago

I'm just waiting for SSBB.

WilliamRLBaker3804d ago

Twilight princess thats one, links bow training is fun, Wii sports is awesome, Wii Fit is great, Wii play is great....thats 5 could continue and surpass 10.....Maybe bathyj is should be the fact your a sonyfanboy and all ways have been but its OPINION that it has no good games when infact...20m people disagree;)

Eretik3803d ago

Super Mario Galaxy
Super Paper Mario
Metroid 3
Fire Emblem
Resident Evil 4
Zack & Wiki
No more heroes
Trauma center

and, of course, good games hated by nnnnneeeerds
Wii Sports, Mario Party, Wario Ware, etc

Enough to be happy with wii. If still not happy it is possible to buy secondary console(PS3 or XBOX360).

Bathyj3803d ago

Sorry guys I'm just not into Nintendo anymore. I'm not bagging them, I'm just not interest. I grew up on Nintendo and probably what addicted me more than anything was Game & Watch. Popeye, Oil Panic, Donkey Kong, you could play em forever. Been a Nintendo fan since. I just dont think Ninty are catering to hardcore gamers anymore. They're all about sucking in grandparents and other non gamers. Good full them, they're making alot of money.

Just none of its coming from me. I only bought it to play Zelda. There are a few games I want, The Nintendo ones obviously, I just haven't got them cos my interest in the console is so low and therefor dont really want an expensive library if you get me cos its harder to get rid of, but also I've bought so many games on Ps3 and Xb since about September that Wii is very low priority for me.

But dont get upset, its just my opinion and I dont asked anyone to think the same way. Someone already took a bubble over it but dont be so defensive. Obviously I'm aware 20M people think Wii is great. Each to there own. Hey, some people eat Blood Sausage.

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3804d ago
WilliamRLBaker3804d ago

Wii is gonna continue to own both ps3 and 360 lol.

Suki033804d ago

I wonder when Nintendo is coming out with a new system. I'm guessing it's going to be before 360/PS3.

Intrepid3804d ago

If the install base is large enough, they can ride the Wii train for many many years.

Suki033803d ago

I'm not saying that they would discontinue wii when the new system comes out, because obviously wii is doing well in the market and they are making money for every wii being sold. Just like how PS2 still lives on, wii will still be going on when the new system comes out. However as someone that is not a casual gamer, I'm hoping that Nintendo does come out with a more visually enhanced gaming system again.

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