University of Oxford Deploys U.K.’s Most Powerful GPU

XLC Gaming Network writes: NVIDIA today announced that the University of Oxford and a consortium of top U.K.-based academic institutions have deployed the nation’s most powerful GPU-accelerated supercomputer to enable advanced research across a range of scientific and engineering fields.

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Raider692076d ago

One of the reasons nvidia dont give a fuck about getting a a piece of the pie of the next generation of consoles hardware.They simply dont need that kind of bussiness to survive.Building clusters like this for goverments and support services like gaikai....its much more profitable.

StayStatic2076d ago (Edited 2076d ago )

Duck hunt would look amazing on this.

Psychonaughty2076d ago

I wonder where this ranks in the world as far as supercomputers are concerned, probably not in the top 10 I'm guessing.

Kakkoii2075d ago

Actually, there are 3 super computers that utilize Nvidia GPU's that are in the top 10.

Of course, they aren't 100% GPU based super computers, since GPU's aren't the best at EVERYTHING. CPU's are still needed for more serial tasks.

Also, the top spot is soon to be replaced by this monster:

Which will be comprised of mainly Tesla GPU's.