Diablo 3's Player Count Dives By 65% According To Gametrics

Gaming Blend "After forum goers raised suspicions about dwindling player numbers and Xfire released stats showing a decrease in player usage, a third source has jumped into the picture affirming that the player base is indeed dropping off fast."

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Psychotica2196d ago

I got it at release and haven't finished it once yet, I just got bored with it.

exsturminator012196d ago

Same; I went ahead and spoiled the story for myself by watching someone else play, and the ending was dark and samey enough that I just lost the will to keep going. Plus I got tired of latency and log-out errors while trying to play alone, but that kind of goes without saying at this point.

JsonHenry2196d ago

I beat it once, played the most of the first act in inferno mode or whatever the next highest difficulty is then quit. Just not a whole lot there to keep me coming back for more.

banjadude2196d ago

I beat the game up to Nightmare mode (1 character only, the Monk) and I quit, too.

nofallouthero2196d ago

stop playing a while ago
not sure why something just didnt feel right anymore
the lack of a single player maybe

killerhog2196d ago

It's actually because of:
8 player co-op reduced to 4
No single player
Can't customize stats
Finding items is more of a chore and less fun
No PvP
Story is average at best
Rune system changed (less customization)

If you think about it d3 is too restricting.

vortis2196d ago

No mods
No addons

You're right, it is too restricting. Everything that helped make D2 fun is now monitored and schooled by's like being in a private school, except without the bathroom sex and locker-room drug dealers.

Megaton2196d ago

Really glad that I decided not to buy this in the run up to launch. I was an enormous D2 addict, but I don't think I'll be finding the same experience in D3. What little D3 I did play didn't impress.

-MD-2196d ago

End game sucked. No effort put into it at all.

Megaton2196d ago

You're still hooked, son. Probably playing it right now.

SUCKxITxEZ2195d ago

wtf? why would you assume someone who is bashing the game is in love with it?

jn2002dk2196d ago

Cinemablend has tried several times to thrash D3 - It's not exactly a professional and reliable site. The articles seems like they're written by kids

Xfire and korean internet cafes are not representative of overall trends

Also, it's not a mmo so why would a site care so much about how many are playing it?

It's just another ignorant D3 hate article. Shit like this doesn't belong on n4g

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