Subscription MMOs Aren't Dying

Gaming Blend writes: "On a weekly basis, analyst Michael Pachter says something rash about the gaming industry, the Internet goes crazy and I try not to notice. It's hard to ignore him at times, though. For example, he just went on the record saying that subscription MMOs can only go downhill from here. That's just nonsense."

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zeal0us2053d ago (Edited 2053d ago )

Some subscription MMOs will have a hard time surviving especially when some F2P/B2P MMOs are offering the high-end quality and service like they are offer.

Over the past few years a lot P2P MMOs have converted F2P or offered some kind F2P model.

Instead going straight to the P2P option some companies should try B2P option.

Xof2053d ago

But... they are dying. Nearly all of the big MMOs these days are free-to-play. LOTRO, GW, WOW, STO, etc., etc.

And the more MMOs that are F2P, the harder it is for subscription-based MMOs to compete.

SlickShoes2053d ago

LOTRO free is very limited you need to pay a subscription to get everything. Guild Wars was free but it was more a lobby based game than an MMO, Guild Wars 2 will have a cash shop supporting it, but it does look like a great game. WOW is not free, free up to level 20 in a game with 85 levels is like letting you play world 1 level 1 of mario for free and saying the whole game is free. STO is just a terrible game, just like champions online also made by cryptic.

Xof2053d ago

Even so, a hybrid F2P/subscription model is still, basically, a free to play model.

I don't think an MMO exists that doesn't involve some method of continual money-making, either by way of hybridization or so-called "pay-to-win" shops.

The point still stands. There are MMO's of passable quality in -every- genre that have a free-to-play option. This makes it incredibly difficult for the old model of 30 day trials + $15+ monthly subscriptions to make a dent in the market, let alone hold much long-term appeal.

MMO gamers are largely split into two groups: the "hardcore" who play an MMO a lot (exclusively) for months, or even years at a time before setting it aside... and the "casual," who prefer to play in short spurts at irregular intervals. F2P models appeal to both groups, but subscription-based models do a lot to alienate the latter.

taquito2053d ago (Edited 2053d ago )

patcher is a console puppet, he spews pure nonsense constantly and is part of the media train that trys to keep everyone on the path of control (consoles)

too bad for this dinosaur in the tar pit, millions are migrating to pc, millions a year, to the freedom of mods, emulation, dev tools, group projects, IMMENSLY better graphics and control options.....

sorry mr patcher, what everyone who is honest knows, is that, pc gaming and tablet/mobile space is where devs and gamers alike are flocking

sure the ps3 has some awesome exclusives, thats why i still keep it, and the 360 has halo and gears...i guess...but practically everything intresting and profound is happening on pc

the secret world just came out, it is awesome, i imagine 3 million people will subscribe, guild wars 2 (while not subscription based), will sell 10 million, diablo 3 has sold ten million, star wars sold 2 million (something thats considered a success on console when its on 3 platforms)

patcher, go back to the 360's teat, you are getting cranky and need your nom noms.

Megaton2053d ago

Um... what? Just about every single subscription MMO that has ever existed has died. You can count the successes on one hand. I'm inclined to agree with Pachter on this. I can only conclude that he bumped his head and accidentally got something correct during the moments of fogginess that followed the impact.

DudeJets2053d ago

mmos are dieing in general doesn't really matter about its model. The most f2p mmos are crap anyway and alot of p2p can't meet people's expectations

h311rais3r2053d ago

Lol @ mmos are dying. Have you not seen the player counts in all of them??

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