US PlayStation Store Update 7/10/12

Posted by Grace Chen // Director, PlayStation Store

It’s a stellar week to get new great content on the PlayStation Store! New PS3 Full Games, some great perks for PlayStation Plus, and anticipated PSN Releases make their way to your hands with today’s update.

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Xof2233d ago

You'd think Sony would recognize the fact that Vita gamers are a tad upset by the whole "no games in July" thing and maybe, just maybe offer them something--anything--on the PSN.

...But apparently not. Not only are we stuck with nothing new retail, we also get nothing from the PSN. Great show of support, Sony.

Hicken2233d ago

So a brand new system with a slew of titles already under its belt and more to come has no releases during a month in the summer, which is historically the slowest time of the year for games, and it means they're not showing support?

Well, I suppose they could have launched some shovelware just so there'd be SOMETHING, but then you guys would bitch about that, too...

Xof2233d ago

Yes, it means there's no support. Zero retail and zero digital releases = zero support. That's EXACTLY what it means. Why are you having so much trouble understanding this? Past release history has no bearing on this argument... only current release history.

Which is nonexistant.

And as for this fanboyish excuse that it's okay to temporarily abandon a console if it's summer... that's just absurd. I mean, christ, just think about it for a second.

So let's do that. Instead of trying to excuse Sony's ham-handed approach to the Vita, let's actually look at things in context. So, for example, let's list all of the dedicated gaming platforms that are getting games this month:

Microsoft Xbox 360
Nintendo 3DS*
Nintendo DS
Nintendo Wii*
Sony Playstation 3
Sony Playstation Portable

Notice something odd about that list? It includes EVERY SINGLE CURRENT GAMING PLATFORM. Including two that are (technically) obsolete. Yeah, herpaderpderp, a console having zero support in the summer is PERFECTLY normal.

Oh, and those asterisks? Those mark platforms with AAA titles coming out this month. Huh.

Now let's look at Sony's support of the Vita this summer. Even ignore the awesome July of nothingness, Sony's summer support is awful. In August, we're only getting two games. Sound Shapes and Madden NFL 13. Real exciting, those two, huh? The next game significant release is September 11th (Ragnarok Odyssey).

And look at that. There are a grand total of 2 Vita games coming out in the month of september, and those big heavy hitters for the platform aren't coming out until the very end of October.

But I guess that's okay, right? It's only natural for a console to have very little support in autumn, too.

The simple fact of the matter is that Sony appears to have completely abandoned the Vita this month. There are zero retail releases, and zero releases from the PSN. This is not an opinion statement. It is an objective fact.

You either think this lack of support is a good idea (in which case ~I~ think you're deluded beyond all hope) or you think it's a bad thing, in which case you probably own a Vita.

Which is really the problem here. See, I own the Vita, and I'm not satisfied with the piss-poor support Sony is giving it. I think it's unexcusable, and my concerns are -very- legitimate. Insufferable addlewits like yourself, however, well, it doesn't really matter whether or not you own a Vita or not... because your opinions don't appear to have any grounding in the product. Rather, you seem to have assumed the role of "Sony apologist." You seem to somehow think that stifling/denying consumer feedback leads to better products....

And that's simply not how the world works. It's the opposite, in fact.

And I apologize if I sound condescending. It's nothing personal, it's just because you're saying things that are really, incredibly, profoundly stupid.

CYCLEGAMER2232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

@ Hicken. First, do you even have a vita? I find it hard to believe that someone with a vita would say this and if so, you mean to tell me you are actually happy with the way Sony is supporting the vita right now?? I have to say that I am very disappointed right now. My vita is literally collecting dust at the moment. I mean yes, there are psp games to play but where are all of the vita games?

lastdual2232d ago


What you fail to understand is that not releasing games = supporting your platform!


Honestly, I doubt those defending this would offer the same excuses if the company was Microsoft or Nintendo. Imagine if the Xbox 720 came out and then went a month without any new software. Many N4Gers would likely be singing from the rooftops about how MS had abandoned gamers.

I hope the Vita picks up, but if it does, it seems that it will be in spite of Sony rather than because of them. Unlike a Nintendo handheld, 3rd party games are what will really determine the Vita's success.

gokuss1220022232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

I disagreed with your comment (inclusively not exclusively) because of your lack of research...
If you'd checked Hicken's profile, you'd known that Hicken does indeed have a Vita. In fact, Hicken owns Gravity Rush; which is a fairly recent title...
The reason this 'lack of research' is so relevant is because: ONE, it serves as proof that you are willing to IGNORANTLY make claims and/or comments etc, thus not only making you appear easily dismissible, but it also suggests that you're just a troll. SECONDLY, it took all of about 2 (of course not literal) seconds for me to check Hicken's profile. If you're not even willing to take such a minimal amount of time to investigate before speaking then... *just shakes his head sadly*

Speaking of checking profiles: YOU are the one that APPEARS to not have a Vita... Ironic huh?

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Hicken2233d ago

You know how PSP games work on the Vita?

Any of those games on PSP coming out digitally?

Vita game.

PS1 games coming out digitally?

Vita game.

I'm not saying it's good that there are no Vita-specific games being released this month. What I AM saying is that you bitching about it happening in one month like it's an indicator of their overall strategy is stupid.

See, as a Vita gamer, I've already got a backlog of games to play. And not just on my Vita, but my PS3, as well. A month where one of my systems doesn't see any releases means I can use that time to catch up. It means I can take my time with whatever I'm playing. It means I can go play some classic stuff without having to worry that I'm missing something new.

Personally, I think too many games come out, anyway. A whole bunch of the titles released each month are crap, not worth spending money on. And some of the good ones just aren't long enough. Growing up gaming on rpgs, I expect to burn a month playing one game; I don't just blow through it and get rid of it in three or four days. What the hell would I do with 7-8 games in a month?

If you want more games, fine. Not that there aren't plenty out there, but I agree that you can never(technically) have too many games. But we're also ONE WEEK into the month- well, this is the second- and PSN is updated EVERY WEEK, isn't it?

There's still full PS1 support and remote play capability, both of which could be implemented this month. But if you got that, would you be happy that your library just opened up that much further? Or would you still be complaining about there being "no games" for the month? I'm willing to bet that, like too many others, you'd be in the latter category.

Drithe2233d ago


DrRobotnik2233d ago

But that argument can go all the way back to ps2 times. I remeber when the ps2 came out, and the only games I had was fantavision and tekken tag. It almost a year and a half after launch till some good games came out. So what did I do? Play ps1 games on my ps2. I'm not saying was totally bad. Playing mega man legends 2 and other old ps1 games smoothed out on my ps2 wasn't bad at all. But were in the 7th generation of gaming now. No more excuses.

TooTall192233d ago

PSP games are not Vita games. They are PSP games. PS1 games are not Vita games. They are PS1 games. If I play a PS1 game on PS3, it doesn't magically turn into a PS3 quality game.

lastdual2232d ago

So by this logic, I guess every DS game = 3DS game?

Sorry, but when you start saying things like "I think too many games come out" it really sounds like a stretch.

If someone told you "Get a Wii instead of a PS3. Too many games come out on the PS3." would you consider that to be good advice?

gokuss1220022232d ago

Oddly enough, I agree(d) with both Xof and Hicken (although I agree with Hicken more lbs)... it's kind of a let's-just-agree-to-disagr ee situation.

One notable fact, in regards to playing psp games on the vita, is that psp games look significantly better on the vita; ALMOST like an hd remake (of sorts).

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DrRobotnik2233d ago

I agree with you Xof. I personally would have been more satisfied if they even waited till this holiday or even next year spring to release the Vita along with a plethora of content. I know it was just released an all, but that just release excuse gets old real quick.

gokuss1220022232d ago

why are you crying (also)? tmk, you don't even have a Vita. ftr, when the Vita was released THIS SPRING, it was accompanied by "a plethora of content". I know you're just (supposedly) stating your opinion an all, but that diss-the-Vita-even-though-I-do n't-even-own-one excuse gets old real quick.

DrRobotnik2232d ago

@gokuss122002 Do I know you?? How do you know if I have a Vita or not? Are you stalking me gokuss?

Emilio_Estevez2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

Don't understand, it's like the longest update in history, surely there must be something in there you enjoy.

I did not just call you Shirley.

Soldierone2233d ago

A bunch of football crap and pay to win cheats don't count.....

Honestly there is hardly anything here. If they took all the repeated stuff and just put it into one category you'd have very little......

WildArmed2233d ago

Tempted to pick up GoW Collections since they are on sale. hmm

abzdine2233d ago

Great games with great value. If you have 3DTV The second collection has mindblowing 3D.

Capt-FuzzyPants2233d ago

I saw that today. It sounds good. I've been dying for another good JRPG and something that can hold me over till KH at the end of the month.

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