Consoles Aren't Disappearing Any Time Soon

Holygrenade writes: "Fans aren’t losing interest nor are the console-makers running scared. In fact, it’s exactly the opposite. Sony recently purchased Gaikai, a cloud gaming service, hinting at a cloud basis for its next system. Microsoft is taking the “entertainment” route, providing a service equal (if not overtaking) the presence of gaming on its platform. And Nintendo is appealing to the uptick of tablet users by familiarizing the controller."

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MasterCornholio2015d ago

Next gen starts with the PS4 and the Xbox 720. And if it's anything like this gen it will last a very long time.

It's good to be a gamer in this day and age.



Salamander2015d ago

Silly sausage, you must have missed the memo. The WiiUs starting next gen silly. LOL.

Good day for gamers in this age of day... wat

Mac is OK2015d ago

I like how there were all these articles saying how phones would replace consoles and now we have an android console coming...

Xof2015d ago

I don't think anyone has ever said that.

The argument has been made, often, that the rise of mobile gaming will result in the "death" of dedicated portable gaming devices. Which is very valid, I think. Sony has proven, multiple times, actually, (and so has Apple, of course) that consumers almost always prefer generalized tech to specialized tech.

And I know this is the kind of thing that results in the sort of kneejerk, emotional denial from gamers who don't really understand what it means.

Look at it this way.

Portable consoles are already overlapping quite a bit with mobile phones in terms of additional functions--cameras, messaging, web-browsing, etc., etc.

Honestly, I think that if Sony had changed their strategy a little bit with the Vita and given it phone service, not only would it be trouncing the 3DS, it could have also offered some serious competition in the iPhone and android markets.

It was one hell of a missed opportunity, and you can damned well bet Sony's next handheld will an analog-stick wielding smartphone with enough hardware to handle some awesome looking games.

Ck1x2015d ago

Nah, no way! Sony Ericsson phones don't sell well now, so why would they put a feature into the Vita that would have made it even more expensive? And one hopes that after the splurge they are taking on Vita, if they will even make another handheld system...

_LarZen_2015d ago

Dedicated gaming systems wil always be around.

JBSleek2015d ago

No such thing anymore. PS3 and Xbox 360 aren't dedicated to gaming in the least.

PS3 came out and was marketed as the cheapest blu-ray player you could get.

Xbox 360 is a media machine that plays games and is an entertainment hub.

Consoles as we know them right now are likely to change in principle as technology changes. Next generation is no different as PS4 and Xbox 8 will be all in one devices and playing games will just be one of its purposes.

_LarZen_2013d ago

When the X360 came out it was the ultimate gaming console, today its a do it all and less regarding good games.

When the PS3 came out it was late comer but with Bluray. Toady its the console that actualy delivers great games.

Funny stuff...

Filthcardia2015d ago

Wait, 154 people have publicly liked this on Google Plus? o.O

Gekko2015d ago

That is quite strange, isn't it?

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