Next-Gen PlayStation and Xbox to Follow Free-To-Play Model?

"The PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720/8/Infinity are just a couple years away from appearing on retail shelves and gamers around the world are eagerly anticipating what both Sony and Microsoft will have up their sleeves to surpass what is currently being achieved on the PS3 and Xbox 360. We all know visuals will certainly have a large visual boost as the hardware will be leaps and bounds above the current hardware integrated within today's video game consoles, but how about the overall experience and business model?"

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Neko_Mega2078d ago

Free to play is good, but free to use what should be free is better (hint Microsoft).

UnitSmiley2078d ago

Mhmm. I have no idea why Microsoft felt they had to charge people to play games online (games the consumer already bought) or watch netflix (with which the consumer is already paying a subscription for).

I'm even more clueless as to why people went along with it :p

decrypt2078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

Well for console gamers it was something new to go online and play with friends.

The reaction was a bit like this:

"omg i can play with my friends online, zomg this is revolutionary". Sure online was being done on PC more than a decade earlier, consoles had just caught up. Hence it was something very new for the console gamers.

Hence they couldnt contain themselves when online came. MS tried to the same trick on PC gamers, to charge for online. It flopped very badly, no one paid lol. Console gamers only have themselves to blame for the position theyhave put themselves in:

pay to go online
pay more per game
lack of bc (oh wait there is bc its called HD remakes lol)
no mods
day one dlcs (hell dlcs wouldnt be so relevant if console gamers asked for mod support).
the list goes on.

WeskerChildReborned2078d ago

Hopefully they will ditch the online subscription and just go free next gen and if they don't, then i'm most likely going to buy the next gen Playstation before i buy the next gen Xbox.

joab7772078d ago

Console games remain titles that sell at retail. Also, free 2 play works only for ongoing titles. Not sure if it would work for a game with a 12 hour campaign. It's worth trying for many titles though. Great revenue source, and a great way to sell consoles.

DeadlyFire2078d ago

EA sports titles might work but i doubt much else would be all that great.

Godmars2902078d ago

Why would MS go F2P when by their own ego they've won the console war, have no competition, and are poised to dominate the living room as a set-top box?

Moncole2078d ago

MS already has F2P games

Microsoft Flight
Age of Empires Online
And some new game for xbox.

Godmars2902078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

You're forgetting the bit where it should be a given that I'm talking about a console, that MS is looking more at general consumers than gamers, and the fact that several MMOs have been C-blocked on the 360 by MS's insistence of requiring XBL gold.

FFXI may be the exception, but that only happened because the 360 was just starting out.

nevin12078d ago

So consoles will be like nascar vehicles with all those ads?

kingofgames86u2078d ago

ps4 orbis and xbox durango will be out next yr around xmas time, drv kits have been sent out since last yr

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