Metacritic is here to stay, but can we fix it?

Love it as a quick reference, hate it for reducing your work to a two-digit number, or sweat bullets over it when your bonus is on the line, but there is one unavoidable truth: Metacritic is a powerful force in the video games industry.

The review aggregate has, for better or worse, become our standard measure of a game's performance. But is Metacritic killing the video game review? And if so, what can be done about it?

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StrongMan2049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )

I have no problem with Metacritic. A game usually gets the score it deserves. If a game is bad then it's just bad. Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor got a 40 because it flat out sucks. Kinect Star Wars and Fable Heroes got a 55 because they are both equally atrocious games. Don't blame Metacritic. All they did was average out the review scores. Great games get great scores. Journey got a 92 metascore. Why? Because it's a great game.

EDIT: You guys disagree with facts?

ChunkyLover532049d ago

Why do you act like Microsoft is the only company that has games with bad Metacritic scores?

PlayStation Hero's had a pretty poor 53, and Haze scored a whooping 55.

I'm sure you've put plenty of time in on Kinect Star Wars and Steel Battalion though /s

Skate-AK2048d ago

I see what you're saying he came in here trying to stealth troll. It was only a matter of time untill a 360 person had to chirp in like Forza down there.

Forza_is_King2049d ago

I agree with you, great games get great scores.

Forza 4 - 91
Forza 3 - 92
Forza 2 - 90

GT5 - 84

According to metacritic which you have stated you have no problem with, Forza has been the better racing sim since the launch of Forza on the original Xbox since No GT title has been able to beat it since its inductee into the racing sim genre. Also, according to metacritic which you have once again stated you have no problem with, indicates GT has been a declining franchise since GT5 is the lowest rated iteration in the franchise on home consoles.

Also note that the Gears of War franchise is rated higher overall than the Uncharted franchise.

Like I said, I agree with you and that metacritic is a great source to use to get an idea on how the game or franchise have been received through the industries critics and help determine where to best spend your hard earned money as can been seen with the overall sales of the gears franchise vs the uncharted franchise and the accumulated Forza sales of this gen vs. GT's sales this gen.

GamerSciz2048d ago

Honestly with Gamefly nowadays being so cheap and affordable...if a game I am interested in has gotten mixed reviews I just add it to my gameQ. I used to heavily rely on IGN for reviews but a few years back when they gave GTA4 a perfect 10...that's when I threw in the towel for them. Instead I just play the games I want to play and "review" them myself. After all, a review is simply another person's opinion...not mine.

adorie2048d ago

I am glad that meta critic is a complete and abysmal failure. I don't dare visit that site as it holds no weight when deciding on picking up a game.

Hicken2048d ago

See GTA4 for a game that got a score it didn't deserve.

See quartertothree's review of Journey for crap that shouldn't be included, but is.

It's pretty well documented that GT5 got harshly criticized for things it didn't have. Things that Forza did have, such as a livery editor. But also see how none of the Forza games lost point for not having things GT DID have, such as weather effects or night racing.

I mean, since you're making the comparison, you should have no problems with someone bringing up how, overall, the two series weren't reviewed on even terms. Reviewing or grading criteria isn't the same for games in the same genre, let alone standardized for most websites, including the majority of those whose reviews are included on metacritic.

Bottom line is that metacritic is garbage. They have no standardized system for including sites or reviews, and the reviews themselves seldom have it, so the entire thing should be taken with a grain of salt.

And lol at you switching from metacritic to sales just like that. Last I checked, the two GT games this gen have surpassed the THREE Forza games in sales. So "the accumulated Forza sales of this gen vs. GT's sales this gen" are in GT's favor. As for Gears vs Uncharted, I'm pretty sure multiplayer and marketing had a lot to do with it, especially comparing the first games in each franchise.

Convenient that you only bring THAT comparison up during sales, though, and not in reference to metacritic.

joab7772048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )

I agree that metacritic is fine. The issue is player reviews and bonuses being tied to scores. I do not look at just scores so I have no issue. I use it as a reference to c how sites or players reviewed and then I read it to find out exactly why it got a particular score. It's a great place to get a complete list. I ignore stupid 0's that try to make a point. As far as bonuses, can't do anything about it. Guess it's fine as long as player reviews are not included. I will admit that there is the random cult game that may miss the mark graphically or have some bugs but is brilliant and fun to play justifying a sequel that fixes problems...but a metacritic score may kill any future projects.

yewles12048d ago

Too many devs have been wrongly fired over metacritic scores, this system is a broken conundrum, aggregate scoring sabotaged by bias and trechery. There is NO fixing it now, it's too late, the damage already done.

StrawberryDiesel4202048d ago

GTA 4 has a 98 on Metacritic. I love the game but c'mon LOL

PirateThom2048d ago

I haven't looked at Metacritic in so long. It just doesn't factor into anything meaningful.

BitbyDeath2048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )

It's not just metacritic it's the entire scoring system that needs to be fixed.

Most reviewers go through the following which i'll use IGN as the example-

Presentation - This header is way too bleak, it could mean anything from menu layout to story flow. Get rid of it and replace it with Story. Menus and HUD don't need to be counted.

Graphics - Makes sense, but reviewed incorrectly most of the time. It should represent overall quality not does it look like Crysis/Uncharted.

Sound - Sound should not be included as it doesn't represent much of anything for a scoring basis, i don't care if the person reviewing wants to hear Lady Gaga and gets Justin Beiber. It doesn't impact on the game just the persons interest in music.

Gameplay - Makes sense, nothing needs to change here

Lasting Appeal - Should be scrapped. It's basically stating will you play again after the story is finished which should be irrelevant to the overall game itself.
Who cares, if it tells a brilliant story then yes likely it will be replayed. No need to include here.

Personally i think reviews should consist of-

Story /10
Graphic Quality /10
Gameplay /10
Innovation /10

Yes games should be judged by doing or not doing something new/improved.


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