EDGE Review: No More Heroes

No More Heroes is the game that Suda 51 and GHM have always threatened, but never quite delivered.

When you load up No More Heroes, Grasshopper's logo appears on the screen bearing the legend 'Punk's Not Dead!' It's a comic moment – slightly desperate in its insistence, slightly banal in its sentiment – and wholly suited to No More Heroes, a game that reconciles rebellion and beam swords with a matter-of-fact take on the realities of life. It's a singular vision, the script joking about emotions and toilets in the same breath, its tasks veering between insanity and mundanity: its greatest achievement is the melding of these diverse qualities into something coherent.

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Frances-the-Mute3798d ago

wow */10 from EDGE, impressive!

Intrepid3798d ago

This game has been getting great reviews all around. I'm definitely picking it up asap.

wiizy3798d ago

already have it and its great...but pick it up and make your own judgement.

wiizy3798d ago

i still havent seen one commercial for no more heroes and ubisoft has money.. and third party's complain about nintendo

sleepbox3797d ago

Wow! Edge gave NMH a higher score than they gave Bioshock!

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