ATI & NVIDIA's high-end workstation graphics cards compared tests out the ATI FireGL V8650 2GB and Nvidia QuadroFX 5600 1.5GB Workstation Graphics Cards and compares them to find the best.

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skagrerrrr3679d ago

is ahead in gaming performance, lets hope that ati can give them a run this year

Kakkoii3679d ago

Yeah.. One thing I find weird is why these cards cost so much more then there normal high end cards. e,g: 8800 Ultra.

When they're specs are only a little better then those retail cards.

Seijuurou3679d ago

That's because they're not made for games. They're made for autoCAD and whatnot. They're much better at rendering than the 8800 Ultra but play games worst due to the drivers that they make for them.