Mass Effect 3 Leviathan DLC Confirmed By Voice Actor

Mass Effect 3 is indeed getting more single player DLC titled “Leviathan”.

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jmobley2201d ago

it'll probably be $6.99, that's usually how much ME DLC is

Blacktric2201d ago

You mean 10 dollars right? Overlord, Lair Of The Shadow Broker and other Mass Effect 2 DLC costed 10 dollars. Not 7.

zeal0us2201d ago

Think I'll pass on the Levithan DLC. I rather wait for Retake Omega DLC or a DLC that let me fight on the Turian homeworld.

TekoIie2201d ago (Edited 2201d ago )

Well in ME2 the DLC missions were amazing (minus Overlord but it was still good)! So if Bioware bring that level of quality to ME3 DLC packs it'll be an insta-buy from me!

Shepherd 2142200d ago

Kasumi's Stolen Memory was only 560 points($7). It can be reasonable to assume a single player dlc pack may be the same.

At least all the MP dlc has been free for ME3 seeing as how the MP is only fun for like 30 minutes before youre tired of playing the same mode over and over.

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PopRocks3592201d ago ShowReplies(1)
VanillaBear2201d ago

A rogue Reaper who joins the fight

Even though when it comes to making the only good, horrible decision at the end (Destroy) you'll probably end up killing him.

jmobley2201d ago

dying for the cause I guess

VanillaBear2201d ago

Cause...oh you mean the cause thats "solved" quickly when we have a brief chat with our friend Casper who makes no sense, start up a magic laser pointer, ponder over which colour we want and then watch as the ending destroys everything we've built in ME after three games.

Yup that would be a great cause to die for...

strauser3602201d ago

Keep complaining we all care so much.

PopRocks3592201d ago

Yes, the ending sucked. WE GET IT.

TenkoTAiLS2201d ago

Only good horrible ending? I thought the refusal ending was the best, apart from the horrible part where you lose and die and stuff. I spose each has their own opinions but I couldn't bring myself to destroy the Geth or EDI, nor could I make a choice that alters every being I'm the Milky Way against their will. Nor would I become what I've been fighting the whole series. Refusal seemed a fitting end for my Shepard.

Tho to be honest of love to see the refusal ending have a possible good ending via adding more assets from the DLC's that are incoming. It's already been shown via the hidden assets leaked in the Extended Cut that this Leviathan DLC is gunna add dialog in the Catalyst conversation thus altering the end events slightly, so I'll hold out hope.

TekoIie2201d ago

Let it go brah, Its been nearly 4 months....

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Fyflin2201d ago

Sounds good! Looking forward to playing it.

natalscar2201d ago

We're all entitled to our opinion. I read about perceptions of the ending w/o spoilers before I completed it and was majorly disappointed. The rainbow of choices I could have lived w but the whole "god child" was the definition of a Deus Ex Machina and ruined the ending-I don't detest Bioware or it's writers but after DA 2 and this, no more preorders and must buy automatically. I l loved their inclusion of SS choices but that writing choice was questionable IMO

swat_teem2200d ago

you did not have to read opinions of the ending before you beat ME3 just saying...

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