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Extended Cut DLC Post-Mortem

Aaron Kinney postmortems the ME3 Extended Cut DLC. The additions to the existing endings are fine. While they’re perhaps unnecessary or should have been there in the first place, there’s been no damage done. But again, your mileage will vary. (Mass Effect 3, PC, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360)

Elderly_Cynic  +   1234d ago
My biggest concern with this whole debacle is the precedent it sets. Whenever the loud, obnoxious vocal minority gets their way, it seems to lead to bad things for the far less loud majority.
PopRocks359  +   1234d ago
Sometimes fan input can be just as detrimental as it can be beneficial.
NYC_Gamer  +   1233d ago
Yes,because its bad for studios to please/listen to the fans who are buying their software.
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Elderly_Cynic  +   1233d ago
I have no problem with developers listening to criticisms and learning from them... but here's what concerns me: If you were to 'listen to the fans' on all the forums and comments sections, you would come to the conclusion that there is absolutely nobody who likes Call of Duty. In fact, you would think that virtually every gamer on the planet detests the franchise.

You'd be wrong. CoD continues to be one of the highest selling, most played franchises of all time, and Activision would be fools to abandon the franchise just because a very vocal minority want them to. (Statement of fact... not intended as an endorsement of CoD.)

When Casablanca was first released, it got mostly positive, but fairly mixed reviews. Many critics were unhappy with the ending, arguing that it would have been more satisfying to have Rick and Ilsa together. If Warner Brothers had changed the ending to satisfy these critics, they would have destroyed the artistic integrity of the film.

When developers try to make games that will satisfy everyone, gamers get stuck with watered-down drivel. We wind up with the video game equivalent of smooth jazz, and I for one don't want the gaming version of Kenny G in my console.
NYC_Gamer  +   1233d ago
I think fans just wanted many decisions/plot holes to be filled with the ME3 ending....There's nothing wrong with that and to be honest Bioware should have tied up every single player choice within the ME universe with 3 being the final game...EA/Bioware already made the franchise more casual by making it more action based with less rpg elements than the first ME...
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FrightfulActions  +   1233d ago
Am I the only one getting sick of people commenting negatively on "what precedent" this sets? A gaming company that listened to its fanbase and cared enough to at least try to satisfy them. Oh my god, those monsters. How dare they listen, how dare they care. How dare they change ANYTHING just because their fans want them to?

Don't they know that fans serve them, not the other way around? They don't need fans, they don't rely on fans to buy their products, they should just ignore them completely and go totally solo, do their own thing. Think of the absolute horror the gaming world would be in if the game companies listened to fans and tried to give them what they want? I don't want to fucking buy something that pleases me to play, damn it! Don't cater to the wants of fans, how dare you monsters!

Such a dreadful precedent indeed. Let us have a moment of silence while we mourn for the future lost.
coolman229  +   1233d ago
I couldn't have said it any better myself.
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Jonmau5  +   1233d ago
Another great article. Extra endings and varied changes make no difference to me personally, I like open endings that are open to interpretation.

I do not need every loose end to be tied up to enjoy the experience.
sarydactl  +   1233d ago
Eh, I think something as essential as an ending should be included to begin with. It's not like a movie, where time can affect who goes to see it. No one is breathing down their backs going 'hey, cut this scene out, people wouldn't want it.' It's the developers who decide everything, so 'extended cut' really translates to 'give me money.' I can't get behind the sentiment that no damage was done.

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