Content coming soon to the Xbox LIVE Marketplace (July 10th 2012)

Major Nelson's Blog writes:

"Here is a look at some of the upcoming content scheduled for the Xbox LIVE Marketplace."

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slugg2083d ago

The sooner you release Jet Set Radio, the more money you will've proven with Sonic that you aren't always the best at making business decisions, so let me help you....get it out before Darksiders II or your sales will be impacted....

xVeZx2083d ago

reduce scott pilgrim DLC but not scott pilgrim

SlapHappyJesus2083d ago

Might just be picking up Section 8 and Tony Hawk HD.

ChunkyLover532083d ago

Its a great time to be a Xbox Live Gold Member!

ChunkyLover532083d ago

How so? There are a ton of discounts going on right now. The Summer Xbox Live promotion looks like their best one ever. Xbox Live Gold Members are able to play the Resident Evil 6 demo, Dawnguard and a lot more.

I consider all of that to be pretty good reasons to enjoy being a Gold Member.

paddystan2083d ago

Not everyone is able to play the RE6 demo, only the people who own Dragon's Dogma.

StrongMan2083d ago (Edited 2083d ago )

50% off of 4 year old DLC and 50% off arcade titles no one has ever heard of nor want to play is not good. It's bad enough that you only rent online multi player, Facebook, and Youtube with an XBL Gold membership but these deals for a paid service are a slap in the face. After I just downloaded Just Cause 2, LBP2, and Infamous 2 last month with my PS+ subscription this is laughable. When people have to mention a timed exclusive DEMO to justify their paid service they are grasping at straws.

Just read the comment section on Major Nelson's site and you'll see that all the Xbox owners are not happy with these so called "deals".

ChunkyLover532083d ago (Edited 2083d ago )

I honestly don't see why your not banned yet, but let me enlighten you a bit.

The people who pay for Xbox Live Gold are paying for security, stellar service, demo's early, DLC before other people get it, and a ton of other features. Its not grasping at straws at all. I think PS+ is a solid option for people, but you going around bad mouthing everything Microsoft and bashing the people that like Microsoft and the Xbox brand, just makes you look insecure and petty.

For whatever reason you dislike Microsoft, we get it. At the same time, your constant rants against everything Microsoft is getting old. If your so damn happy playing your PS3, go play the damn thing already.


You can always buy Battlefield on PS3 or PC if you are THAT against paying for Xbox Live Gold. So its not like you are forced to. Gaming is a hobby, I would find it hard to believe that someone can afford to pay $200-$300 for a game console, $60+ per game and then not be able to pay $3 a month for XBLG.

paddystan2083d ago (Edited 2083d ago )

Xbox LIVE Gold is creppy hypercapitalism. If you buy a game like Battlefield or Call of Duty, over 60% of the content is in the multiplayer, and if you don't have Gold, you can't play multiplayer, so you just bought a game for about 50£ on release, and you can't enjoy the entire game if you not buy Gold.

darthv722083d ago

"After I just downloaded Just Cause 2, LBP2, and Infamous 2 last month with my PS+ subscription"

technically speaking you are renting these games from sony. you have to maintain a paid membership to continue to play them.

Obviously both services have their pro/con but to think that the free stuff you get from ps+ is really "FREE" is just kidding yourself. MS is not trying to hide anything with their upfront approach to membership perks and discounts.

Sony on the other hand has made changes to their service (subtle as they are) to create incentives for people to sign up. Funny thing is once you are hooked it makes it that much harder to just walk away.

The perceived value each service offers is going to appeal differently to each demographic.

Rachel_Alucard2083d ago

Yeah but would you rather pay 60$ a year minimum just to play multiplayer and access free services? Or would you rather pay 50$ and get full games and more? Face facts timed exclusivity is a shit idea. Who in their right mind feels good knowing that an entire audience has to wait another month just to play a map pack or add-on. Timed exclusivity just pisses people off all-around and only selfish people don't give a shit about it and just keep buying into the rip-off service. I'd rather pay 50$ a year and save hundreds of dollars than paying 60$ a year only to be able to access multiplayer and other minimal features

betrayed gamer2083d ago

to YTPHaruko:
actually if you check newegg and amazon u can get a year for 35 bucks. they usually have a sale once or twice a year, so minimum would be 35 dollars not 60

jetlian2083d ago

just keep doing 2 months for 2 dollars and pay 12 dollars a year! funny they should say you get deals on old games yet just cause 2 is 2 years old! infamous2 and lbp2 are both 18 months old.

like is getting better dled games. got dust, deadlight coming and on friday dungeon fighter online

Tres212083d ago

@ fantomena yea but really if ur payin 4 a game lik that u kinda kno what ur gettin into & if u dont kno not 2 buy a game for online & not hav it u hav other issues, lik would u really buy an online game & then be mad cuz u dont hav online?

@ ytpkaruko i kno alot of ppl who try betas out 1st & def. feel in there right minds & u can say a beta & timed dlc is so much different but another joke ppl lik 2 use is fine let them get it 1st so they work on some of those bugs be4 it gets 2 me which is about the same thing & i luv those minimal features i even lik lookin crazy when ppl come in & see me talkin 2 my xbox wit kinect which i admit is odd since the room i havit in is

& darth & chunky sound lik smart & gamer & jet seem lik smart

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paddystan2083d ago

I agree. PS Plus has way better offerings and Steam, which is totally free, will begin their summer sale on this Thursday, and Steam's summer sale usually rapes peoples wallets.

Tres212083d ago

oh now i feel dumb cuz i kinda been wantin 2 play hydro thunder, & toy soliders, & 2 see how hydrophobia is for 200 points, even get ms spolsion man just cuz i got the 1st one but hey im a no one whose heard of a few games on the deal week so dont mind