Dead Space 3 Gameplay Impressions - Gears of Dead Space War 3?

Thirteen1 - EA and Visceral Games have today unleashed a new 20 minute gameplay trailer of their upcoming horror/action sequel, Dead Space 3. The footage, narrated by Executive Producer Steve Papoutsis, shows off a sequence of gameplay from the beginning of Act 2. And it has to be said that it bares a striking resemblance to a certain Epic Games franchise..

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ScubbaSteve2169d ago

Who's the idiot that designed that website and decided to have a big "Login here" bar that scrolls down with the page and blocks the frigging article.

T1Publishing2169d ago

Hey ScubbaSteve, that's the first we've heard of that problem. Can I please ask what screen resolution and browser you're using?

ScubbaSteve2169d ago

I'm using 1080p, but I have it windowed on my screen. After playing around with the site i found that prior to allowing scripts from the site the login slider extends to 1/3 of the window and would block the actual story on the site.

After allowing scripts it would tuck back into what you probably intended, but the login bar, although smaller, still covers the first letters of the story on the left which is a pain because it scrolls down as you read. Combined with the twitter, facebook, youtube, and RSS covering the print on the advertisement it just gives a bad first impression.

mewhy322169d ago

wow. this game looks amazing. Will be a day one purchase.

Enmson2169d ago

Gears of Dead Space War 3 = worst name ever.