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Blastoise2143d ago

We get it, people don't like CoD. Give it a rest will ya?

On Topic : Really liking the futuristic theme, and that cool rainy jungle looking area. Im hoping we get some variety in the Multiplayer Maps this time, MW3 was just close quarter african villages...

chriski3332143d ago

Yea sorry but i gave up on cod to much of the same old crap don't want to get butt raped by activison anymore

HebrewHammer2143d ago

I think the CoD series, regardless of being developed by Treyarch or Infinity Ward, are great. They are fast, fluid and offer unprecedented levels of replay value in the multiplayer.

BUT... I've experienced it for the last five years and feel like this year I should allocate more time to other games we often overlook around the last quarter of the year.

The CoD series is not bad - not by any stretch of the imagination. But too much of a good thing can make you overlook something that might just be better.

Pieface082143d ago

Who gives a shit bout COD??? NOT ME, ITS TOO MUCH OF THE SAME SHIT.

JKelloggs2143d ago

Then why did you come on this article for?

Chitown712912143d ago

LOL Nice one. And you guys can say what you want , but this was a good trailer..... *shrugs*

Pieface082143d ago

Cause i fuckin wanted to pussy, now what???

Pieface082143d ago


JKelloggs2143d ago

Now nothing, I was just asking a question, chill your beans.

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StrawberryDiesel4202143d ago

ok, so you and the other five thousand trolls on the internet can all get together and chant out loud how much it sucks, the other 20 million plus people will buy it, play it, and enjoy the hell out of it. Makes you mad doesn't it....wait, quickly, assemble your internet troll anti COD brigade for an attack.

ChunkyLover532143d ago

Its looking really good, I like how people say they don't care about Call Of Duty but choose to post in any and every article pertaining to Call Of Duty.

I like the changes, jumping to the future is a huge risk, almost as big of a risk as COD4 going modern. I remember there was a time when all COD games and 95% of shooters took place in WWII.

Its funny that people complain that COD changes nothing, they change the whole setting and do something completely different and people still bash it.

Don't like it? Go play something you do like, just stop complaining about it. I don't sit there and whine like a baby in every article for every game that I didn't like, that would be annoying as hell.

CarlosX3602143d ago

Finally, someone with a great comment!

Hufandpuf2143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

"jumping to the future is a huge risk, almost as big of a risk as COD4 going modern."

ALMOST, COD was going into uncharted territory with the modern transition. the only other game on consoles that was modern was SOCOM at the time, I think. Most of the modern shooters were already on PC.

But the biggest game changer wasn't necessarily the setting, it was the epic singleplayer and the dramatic change of the multiplayer (killstreaks and all that).

BLOPS had the singleplayer nailed down, but the multiplayer suffered from what is still plaguing the series today. The absurd amount of killstreaks and how little it takes to obtain them; The game threw skill out of the window that COD4 encouraged and rewarded (if you take out the noob tube).

BLOPS 2 MAY give the series the turn around it needs, but it'll need to hold true to the changes they say they've made.

Go into any other PC shooter lobby or console lobby (Except Halo, no offense) and talk about COD: You'll get laughed at and get negative comments all around. It' not a competitive game, just a space to run around and shoot things (to most gamers).

StrawberryDiesel4202143d ago

If it's not competitive and takes no skill then why do I always have a positive KD ration while I see other people repeatedly get owned and still keep playing? People that say it takes no skill are guaranteed to suck. Anytime you want to play me I'm on Live and I will kick your ass all over the map. And if it takes no skill and you're so great, send me a PM and we can see what happens. Any COD since COD4, I have them all and will own you on any game mode and map.

ha2e482143d ago

Cod trolls are the worst, " oh a story about that game I hate, I'm going to click on it , ignore the trailer and leave a comment so everyone knows I hate cod, yeah , because I'm better than that, see, I have standards, so there, *blows raspberry*" we get it, cod sux, now fu*k off.

wages of sin2143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

Yeah they are.

I don't understand hating something so much that you have to troll everything about it, it's kinda sad really. Just have fun playing what you like.

OT: I didn't care for Blops 1 but I really like MW3. This trailer changed my mind about a purchase. Congrats Activision, you're getting my money. Halo is still "my game," and I can't wait for H4 but this is going right along with it in my collection.

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