Top 5 RPGs You Must Play! Writes: "As a gamer that has played a hell of a lot of RPGs these are the ones that I highly recommend. It was pretty hard to limit it to five especially with series of great games like Mass Effect, Fallout, Diablo and of course the Elder Scrolls series, but I think there’s a pretty good mix here, with some you may not have heard of. In no particular order here they are"

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chrisgay2079d ago

New Vegas was seriously great, bought it cheap on 360 but hoping it'll turn up in the Steam Summer Sale with all the DLC.

BlackTar1872079d ago

yea after reading this article i want to go play it again. it really was a fun game.
I think i may just boot it up instead of DCUO tonight

WeskerChildReborned2079d ago

Yea Fallout NV was fun IMO even though i enjoyed Fallout 3 more but that's just me.

brodychet2079d ago

Fallout 3 was actually the favorite of the two amongst the majority. Including myself. I loved Fallout 3. Love*. So great..

thorstein2078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

Yeah, Fallout 3 is great (despite the glitches). As for a the Elder Scrolls game, I would definitely say Skyrim is better than Morrowind (know I will get hate for that)

Agree or disagree if you agree.

DasTier2079d ago

It is I picked up the ultimate edition from Gamestation for about £15 last month, didnt put it down until last week when we all picked up borderlands (which is also incredible)

Kurt Russell2079d ago

I preferred Fallout 3, although I played them both on the 360 where loading times were huge. Vegas just became frustrating having to load the same town 3 times on a short fetch quest.

avengers19782079d ago

1-Final Fantasy 7
2-Chrono Trigger
4-Lost Odyssey
5-Mass Effect

Final Fantasy 10 also good.

SpaceGhost2078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )


I would agree with your there for the majority but I would place games higher on the list just because I think they did more for the sereis then a few you listed

1-Crono Cross
3-Phantasy star
4-Final Fantasy 6,7,9,1
5-Mass Effect

reasons Crono Cross was the first rpg to have multiple endings, Earth Bound was just an amazing RPG, Phantasy star was the first sci fi based rpg that was good; Final Fantasy take your pick, a lot of people like 7, 8 or 10, but I personaly dislike 8 and 10 becuase they focus on the love story too much, 6 is widley considred the best in the series, while I enjoyed the story of 9, and Finally Mass Effect, which brought Western RPGS too a broader audiance.

and of course their is the KOTOR series, the Dragon Warrior sereis, Secret of mana, Tales, too many people are focusing on new Western Rpgs, they are good do not get me wrong, but you can not have a top 5 rpg list and only mention one Jrpg and an obscure one at that.

Megaton2079d ago

+1 for New Vegas.

I had borrowed a copy from the internet *ahem*, but finally purchased it during a Steam sale for $10 when they also released the TF2 Pip-Boy. I plan on buying all the DLC if it goes on sale during the upcoming Steam sale.

People who know how big a Fallout 3 fan I am always ask me which one I like more. Fallout 3 or New Vegas. Each of them are superb in their own way, and should definitely be played by anyone who hasn't.

Irishguy952078d ago

New Vegas is the best Bethesda game imo

NukaCola2078d ago

It's just published. All the credit goes to Obsidian.

Irishguy952078d ago

I know man,i'm actually mocking bethesda. Since they didn't make the best game they have anything to do with.

My reasons

Level/loot scaling. There is none. >>> bethesda games
Faction/morality system >>> Bethesda games

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-GametimeUK-2079d ago

Demons Souls and Dark Souls need to be played in my opinion. If you are good enough to progress in these games then you will more than likely enjoy them. Brilliant titles and my 2 fave RPG games of this gen.

Kirnisorey2079d ago

I agree any top rpg list that doesn't include these game are just trolling

BlackTar1872079d ago

seriously though i have beaten all the soul series and never was it that hard.

It may be a little tougher but people pretend the game is really hard when it is not. I mean maybe the first 2 hrs are tuff but a couple levels and the game ease up pretty nice demon soul more so then dark souls.

beat both multiple times.

OldSnakePS32079d ago

demon's & dark souls - best rpg games thig gen hands down IMO

Anon19742079d ago

Couldn't agree more. Demon's Souls has been one of my favorite games on any console this entire gen. Just playing through Dark Souls now.

TekoIie2079d ago

Dark souls has hard bosses...... But there's always a "cheaty" way to beat them (most the time). If anything the mini bosses and standard enemies were harder unless you grind for a while.

Mainsqueeze2079d ago

Give me Dark Souls and Morrowind and i would be set gaming wise for a year.

Nevers2078d ago

Demons Souls and Dark Souls FTW for me. There are, of course, many I like. But these two I love. I have to force myself not to play them so I can play the other games I have.

-GametimeUK-2078d ago

I have found myself having to force myself of Dark Souls in order to play Rainbow Moon. I have had RM for about a week now and I have hardly progressed at all.

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ChunkyLover532079d ago

I've only played New Vegas and Mass Effect on that list. Never heard of a couple of the others, so I doubt I run out to play them.

Qrphe2079d ago (Edited 2079d ago )

Persona 3 and Valkyria Chronicles felt like truly unique experiences (when they came out at least).
I really enjoyed Vampire The Masquerade from its theme change from other rpgs too.

WildArmed2079d ago

Agreed. I think the list focused on 'similar' games too much. Didn't have much variety that is often touted in RPGs.
From SRPG, Open world RPGs to turn based JRPGs

SpaceGhost2078d ago

I agree, the list was full of Western RPGS

Blastoise2079d ago

Star wars Knights of the old republic > Mass effect

Mainsqueeze2079d ago

For me the first Mass Effect is pretty even with KOTOR but the second and third Mass Effect games aren't nearly as good.

SpaceGhost2078d ago

well, yah, KOTOR was amasing, until they made it an MMO

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