Resident Evil 6 - impressive graphics we perhaps take for granted

Sometimes it's easy to rush past rooms in games, not focusing on the atmosphere, and being more in tune with its content in terms of enemies and potential threats. Luckily, the pace of the Leon/Helena mission in the Resident Evil 6 demo, builds up tension with emptiness, and allows players the chance to take in the surroundings.

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keabrown792197d ago

I wouldn't know about how nice the graphics are as all I can see in the demo is the characters backs... Seriously they take up like 75% of the screen

ZoyosJD2197d ago

I would take the classic horror sytle over these graphics anyday, hence why I haven't bought a RE since 4.

Trenta272197d ago

The graphics were cool when Capcom first bought that engine, but now they are seriously outdated. They worked for RE5, but not this game. Kaebrown is right, though. You can't even see the graphics when all you see is someones back.

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME2197d ago

yep, the graphics look great

on another note...

and keep in mind that i've never played a resident evil game before, just bits and pieces

but it seems to me like they are trying to make re6 really cinematic, and dramatic, cinematic is great, but it doesn't seem to me like re has a very good story at all, and none of the characters are interesting, maybe leon, but even he is a pretty shallow character, if they want this game to have a good story then this game should be more like a reboot, otherwise stick to survival horror

WeskerChildReborned2196d ago

Yea, right now the only interesting character to me is Jake since he's the new guy. Haven't seen anything interesting with Leon or Chris.

Tzuno2197d ago (Edited 2197d ago )

yes i observed from E3 that res6 has let's say some cinematic graphic and i think it will leave some mouths open.

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The story is too old to be commented.