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Atomic Gamer - Of all the racing games released in the last few years, my favorite out of them all was Forza Mortorsport 4. When Microsoft announced that another studio - UK-based Playground Games, made up of veteran racing game developers - would be picking up duties for an entirely new kind of game in the Forza series, I was of course immediately skeptical. How is this new open-world racing going to work? Could they maintain what I thought were the core components of the Forza games? If any of those things were compromised, would that make this game unworthy of the name? After playing Forza Horizon at E3, I've come away hopeful, but still a bit disappointed.

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StrongMan2174d ago

Forza needs to go in a new direction. Forza 3 sold 5 million copies and Forza 4 only sold 2 million copies and that's a huge drop off decline in sales. Forza will die if something isn't done quick so Horizons is a decent attempt but I can't see it being successful. People would much rather have a new Burnout.

ChunkyLover532174d ago

Well if you go by VGChartz it says Forza 4 is almost to 2.5 million, hardly anything to sneeze at. Forza 3 didn't pick up sales until they released the Platinum Edition with all the extra tracks and cars. I didn't buy Forza 3 until that came out.

Their direction is fine, Forza is the highest rated racing franchise of this generation, what would you have them do differently?

Forza Horizon is taking over for Project Gotham Racing, its been getting a ton of respect and admiration since E3. I have it pre-ordered and I'm sure it'll do fine.

As long as it doesn't dip to Twisted Metal, Sorcery or Starhawk numbers, it'll be okay. :)

Hicken2174d ago

That's not even a stealth troll.

I'd probably have Forza implement night and weather racing; Horizon's getting one of the two, but it's ironic that it took another developer to introduce it to the franchise.

And don't try to downplay Forza's drop in sales by referencing completely unrelated titles. With all the hype building up to it, Forza should have done better. Especially on the heels of Forza 3, which did so well. Isn't that the SAME thing you'd say about any of those games you mentioned: that they should have done better, given all the hype surrounding them?

Oh, but those are Sony games, and Forza's a Microsoft franchise; it's okay that Forza didn't do as well as anyone expected.

ChunkyLover532174d ago


Forza 4 hasn't even been out for 9 months and its at 2.5 million. The guy above me is the troll, obviously.

darthv722174d ago

it isnt uncommon for a sequel in a series to sell less than its previous version. Hell even GT is a casualty of that.

It isnt always a guarantee that the successor will surpass the former. Many times people will evaluate the newer release to see if there is significant changes to warrant a new purchase. This happens with more "sporty" type of games like racing games and the obvious football, baseball etc.

when it comes to action or platform or even story driven FPS games it is more likely that the continued story will generate equal or slightly increased sales.

Its just one of want to know what happens next kind of things. In a racing game you just dont have that. It is more about new locals and physics and for some....that isnt enough.

Hicken2174d ago

I'll grant you that he's trolling. And you fed him, which is always a bad idea, but sometimes unavoidable.

But not only did you feed him, you did so by trolling yourself; what do the games you mentioned have anything to do with Forza? They're not even racing games(though Twisted Metal does have cars). Essentially, you saw an opportunity to take a shot at Sony exclusives, and you took it.

StrongMan didn't mention anything about ANY Sony games, so why was there a need to bring them up?

As for sequels potentially doing worse sales-wise, that's very true. It's especially true when your games come out so quickly. Still, expectations- both in quality and in sales- were high for Forza 4, and I think it's safe to say that the sales side of things has not performed as hoped.

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