Atomic Gamer - Borderlands 2 Preview

Atomic Gamer - The last preview of Borderlands 2 seen on AtomicGamer was written by someone who enjoyed the original game, but it wasn't exactly special to our freelancer. For me, though, I absolutely loved Borderlands and still goof around in it once in a while. I was really excited to get the chance to play it at E3 this year, but did also get a chance to play it back in April as well, where things were a little less hectic. At E3, we went straight into the action with almost no story parts bogging us down. After all, there's just no time at a show like E3, except for the money shot. I jumped into our cooperative session with legendary game journalist Andy Eddy and before long, I was getting mobbed by engineers and robots and pretty much crying for my mommy. It was glorious.

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